Start/Select - Double Fine Kickstarter, Vita Debate

Danny details how you can help Double Fine bring back adventure games, and we take a look at the divided public opinion surrounding the PlayStation Vita.

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I love when Sony keeps shooting it self in the foot , no vita for me.

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Please make another Psychonauts. Please? Please?

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I want to thank Tim Shapeshifter as well for all his fine work.

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That whole Vita article was based on the UI experience, and comparing the vita with cell phone gaming. The UI may not be the best, but that's easily made better over time with updates. As for comparing with cell phone gaming, it's a completely different market. Sony have done well (esp. giving the vita dual sticks) to aim this at the more hardcore gamer. There are some great casual and puzzle mobile titles, but the mobile app market is not hardcore. Without a proper controller or at least bluetooth controller support it never will be (have you tried comparing playing GTA on the iPhone with playing on a console?). As I said in my other post, it's kind of like the PS3 vs Wii battle all over again. The Vita will start off slow out the gate, but when more quality games come out over time it'll gain momentum, much like the PS3 did. And hardcore gamers WILL pay $40 for them; you can't compare the depth of something like Angry Birds with the depth of something like Monster Hunter.