Start/Select - Dead Island movie, ITV ArmA II fail

On today's show, Cameron gives us the skinny on the upcoming Dead Island movie and ITV mistakes ArmA II footage for IRA propaganda.

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So the Dead Island movie is based on the trailer, not the video game.

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I liked Dead Island the game and I think if half of the people on this site actually played the game you would like it too. However I played it on the PC which might be better than the console versions. A movie might be cool I just got done watching The Walking Dead series and I loved it! As far as the Arma 2 fail no comment.

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Nope, ArmA II win not fail lol

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<< LINK REMOVED >> ya how is that a fail for arma 2?!

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Though I do gotta say, I love the Res. Evil games, just hate the movies.

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Oh boo, dead Island sucked, I don't know why so many people are giving it so much credit. They're giving it so much credit that they're turning it into a movie. Great, another "Resident Evil" franchise. Good job guys...

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Games are better than movies...

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wow, another zombie movie.... still gonna pay to see it :)

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ckckck.... dead island movie... ehh... never crossed in my mind

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Did they really need to trump up a story about Ghadayfi doing something bad; there wasn''t a 100 other things to make a documentary on.

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ew yes no this sounds bad the game it self did try to take it self seriously. and that made me lmfao just by the fact the story and characters made the games story more of a joke and impossible to take seriously its like trying to make a film out of dead rising and make it serious wont work. i do like both games ( dead rising ) more but it just wont end well lol

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The Walking Dead has been focusing on human emotions and junk like that since 2003. Stop acting like that Dead Island trailer is such a big deal!

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Crazy good news

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Good work ITV. Maybe you should offer free eye tests to your journalists from now on.

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Innovation? Didn't The Walking Dead do that already?

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Soooo, lionsgate is going to focus on the love of family, which ends with the daughter biting a huge chunk of flesh out of her fathers neck? Yep, truly a completely untried concept in the zombie movie genre

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@OwDaditHurts It's humanly impossible to be worse than the Resident evil movie adptations.

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Oh look, another generic zombie movie. This time it's based off a game though, so it should be sooooooo different right? right?...... no. Generic zombie movie will be generic.

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That description is every damn zombie movie ever, and the only thing that makes that trailer "special" is the dead kid and with "special" I mean unusual.

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dead island movie...hmmm,interesting...