Start/Select - DC Universe Online + LA Noire Preview

The mighty J-Dug and irrepressible G-Man take a look at DC Universe Online and L.A. Noire this week, as well as fill you in on the latest news and run down the best of the last show's feedback. It's Start/Select!

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DC Universe Online for ps3 I am downloading the patches as we speak

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La Noire looks amazing. I am really interested to see if they can make the dynamics work as well as they say they can!

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I can't wait till L.A. Noire...Game Of The Year. NO doubt about it.

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l .a noire best than mafia

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Guy Cocker.......sounds like a XXX name haha

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Valentine's Day! I ♥ U Gamespot, will u give me any present :D???

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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LA Noire is fantastic

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Can't wait for L.A. Noire! Looks exciting... =)

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I enjoy the show, good info on DC Universe Online