Start/Select - Call of Juarez: The Cartel, GDC 2011, Rollergirls Fitness Game Group Test

What does a "gritty" modern Call of Juarez reboot look like? What do fighting fit roller derby players make of recent fitness games? What is Guy up to in San Francisco? Find out now! And win Black Ops codes!

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so is this supposed to be FPS or both first and third person.

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I don't know whether to preorder or wait for the Walt and Jesee add on

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Black Ops First Strike Map is AWSOME :D :D :D :D

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Call of in love....

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Not for me this time around

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OMG the 2nd girl is sooooo sweat , and Call Of Juarez has 2 much bloom lol

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i got an update saying this had something to do with ninja gaiden 3, but reading the description i don't see anything about that. granted i barely watched more than a few seconds

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Loved all out of the Call of Juarez games, this new one looks just a good.Ok its taken out the horse, and replaced with cars. Looking good!