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1:52 illidan?...became a girl?! after his defeat he lost all hope...poor illidan....

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I wait these moment for 12 years,well what I have to say now is...to battle station !!!! Hey guy, see you in multiplayer mode...eheheh_--*LOCK N´ LOAD*--_

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i have to agree with harbringer a little, dont get me wrong this is am absolutely epic game, but with the game demo being played it just looks way too bright and happy and cartoony. this game should have a dark gritty feel to it. its not a happy go lucky fantasy war, that targets 12 year olds, thats what warcraft is for. doesnt have to be photo realistic but at least make it feel a little darker and more forboding. at points in the game it really looks like they skinned warcraft 3..... im still buying the game either way, there are very few blizzard games i havnt bought. all the way back to the original warcraft. starcraft, and diablo.

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this game will be EPIC!!! sorry my mistake....IT IS EPIC!!!!!!!

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trailer is crap but the game looks good

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Gamemaster236, I'm going to debate. Starcraft is spectacular, and easily among the top games the genre has to offer. But you must remember that even within such a focused genre, there's still a lot of variety. You have historical (Age of Empires), fantasy (Warcraft), and sci-fi (C&C) games. You have fast-paced (Starcraft) and slow-paced (Sins of a Solar Empire). You have personal and smaller games (division-to-division in Total War), and you have huge, gargantuan melees (Supreme Commander). You can't generalize. But I do agree, Starcraft is an incredibly high-quality game - one of the best ever.

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StarCraft is the God of Real Time Strategy. FACT, not debatable

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gameplay looks a bit familiar. hmm....

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It just seems everyone is blinded by their anticipation of this game. I was looking forward to this as much as the next guy, saw the trailers with cutscenes and was in awe (the usual bliz trick) then saw the cartoony RTS with almost nonexistent animations that doesnt look any better than... CnC generals. Alright looking, but doesnt look dynamic at all, the characters dont have any personality. They dont even die - they disappear in a puff of smoke wtf? From what Ive seen on trailers of actual gameplay, the ORIGINAL dawn of war looks better.

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i have waited a long time for the sequal to comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Star Craft II, i always wait for this!

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this game (or should I say these games) will be EPIC

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Way to keep the old feel to it.... it should be just as addicting if not more with the new units to learn and play with.

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dawn of war is better

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they have to work out the combat between ground units and air units. it dont always look like a war going on a field and the battle is not always fair on the air

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i agree with harbinger i really hope they do something about this.......

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Me Like

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Missed the Firebat... :( Let's burn :)

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Its so good!!

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it's pretty awesome some scenerys are a little too green, but it's fine can't wait to play

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Are you guys serious??!! This game is BLASPHEMY! The cartoony look may have worked for Warcraft and WoW but Starcraft's universe is DARK ans GRITTY. These cartoony sprites take all of that out of the game, you get a bunch of little cartoon explodey marines instead of in Starcraft 1 where they would scream and die and leave blood. The siege tank and buildings look like crap too! What the hell Blizz?

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ABOUT DAMN TIME THEY MAKE ANOTHER STARCRAFT GAME!!!! What the hell took them SOOOOO long!!!! But it looks hot Blizzard, good job.

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Omg i can't wait to get my hands on this game!!!

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when everything went 3d and starcraft came out as 2d it rocked. total what? graphics arent what its about. ppl may preach that fact and still complain that they are let down by the visuals. same with halo 3 on the 360. how good do you want it to look? i love c+c but i do NOT want actors in starcraft! give me the rendered stuff. its halo, its starcraft and to me it looks awesome when you compare it with what i played in starcraft 1. its a big step up, there are other games out there if all you want is photorealistic war. i would have starcraft right now, in its beta form graphics anyday.

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I really like the whole music thing with the visuals... I wish it had that type of music when I play it. I would totally be into that game. I really like how they intermixed the game play footage into the previz artwork. That was a sneaky thing and I'm sure the whole audience in Korea went bonkers!!! THIS IS A BIG MOMENT for the whole starcraft world!!!

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I'm a HUGE of SC! I think this game will rock but from the 1st batch of screenshots, the shots looks a tad underwhelming, tho the game is still obv in its early development and I'm sure a experienced successful RTS developer that Blizzard is, will improve the graphics considerably so it can compare to world in conflict and universe at war other RTS games SC2 will have to compete with...

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I love it !! can't wait

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I've been waiting sooooo long . . . thank you blizzard

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The games looks great. I just hope that they upgraded to a system of play that we have come to expect out of newer RTS games. I'm sure that Blizzard will not disappoint. Heck! They were at the mersy of thousands of Koreans when they announced Starcraft II. They can't fail; their lives depend on it.

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As over rated as the rest of their games imo.

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Only took 9 years....OH YEAH CAN"T WAIT!

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I can't believe it. I've been waiting for this since starcraft came out. I am psyched!

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I wait so long for the sequeal tha I can`t beleve it! Just one phrase: POWER OVERWHELMING!!!

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can't wait

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Please! Just don't goof it up like Warcraft 3. Keep it gritty.

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i love starcraft

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w00t! wonderful wonderful, just plain amazing.