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Ok i must say after many hours of gameplay SC2 is great no more no less.

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@ycenkkilic Should have been, two months ago. My point still stands.

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@Ilong187, @soolkiki, Why are you guys so offended just because I am telling my opinion ( btw I was mostly stating facts especially on graphics ) ? And sorry but hell yeah graphics are important! You people would not care if they released the game with SC1 graphics and still buy it? You may be fooled graphics look amazing but it depends on a very simple graphics engine. Anyway, do and think whatever you wish and your dreams have come true, game is released as it is. Go and buy it then follow all other expansions and buy them as well. This is how Blizzard traps you in and they don´t care for anything else than your money anyway. No LAN + game divided into 3 parts to milk your money + graphics are not that advanced at all >> This is briefly what I am actually talking about if you can see beyond the curtains. - Anyway discussion closed -

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hot pockets look like junk , we'll i don't know i'm from europe.

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wow! they sure put alot of time in making the single play camping!

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well it´s been a little more then 12 years... starcraft was released april 1st 1998 and that is more than 12 years ago now... still... I can´t believe that I bought starcraft 1 about 4 times and lost the game over and over again.. xD but this here is gonna be an epic win... (I have to hope that I don´t lose this one here as quicky xD)

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Its been 10-11 since 1 but they have only been working on 2 for 7 years.

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Blizzard make such good games ive got them all and id say that sc is the best and now number 2 is coming

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you mean 10 or 11 years

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After 7 years, multiple patches and beta testing, they done it. Its about time man! No wait for me in 2012! I can finally uninstall the beta version for a shiny Real Starcraft II experience So real man! It so close, I can smell it!

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blizzard make it = great game ^^ Cant wait myself!

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9 more days!

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How many days.I can"t F%*king wait.How many days

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That's a game that worth the money spent. Must buy.

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Listen guys ... I read a lot of things about the beta and the impressions people have on it. I heard " hope they don't f**k up " or " the original was better " OR " Starcraft 2 is just Starcraft with pretty graphics and some new units ". 1. they wont f**k up. That is why they released 16 patched to the beta and spend 7 freaking years on the game. To improve the experience. And lets not forget ... they are Blizzard. They know either do the job good or don't do it at all. srsly ... when was the last time you played a bad Blizzard game ? 2. The " the original was better " comment is just the most retarded opinion yet. First play the full game , make an impression on it and then bash it and compare it. For now i know that Starcraft 2 Beta is head and shoulders above all 95% of current RTS's. 3. SO ? What was wrong about the Starcraft 1 experience ? If it ain't broke , don't f**k with it !!! Tiberium Twilight should be the best example for this. You want them to experiment with new gameplay options or improve the original RTS experience that made Starcraft 1 a cornerstone of the RTS community ?

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I think it would actually be Zergphelia... :P Still, can't wait to play it.

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Raynor + Kerrigan... isn't that, like, zoophilia? Xenophilia at the very least.

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The original starcraft cannot be surpassed . I just hope they don't disappoint me overwhelmingly .

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Just like to say that the beta is a LOT of fun, i have been playing it since i got it, everyday. And im just starting to develop new strategies and what not. The gameplay in this video actually looks a lot better (graphically) than in the beta! Cant wait to get my greedy hands on this one!

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I'm glad they are focusing on quality. You can tell the game is already amazingly polished and its not even finished yet. I just hope they dont pretty up the old starcraft, add a couple units and say heres starcraft 2. A lot of people are saying thats what the beta feels like and are disappointed.

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It is so awesome!!!

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I can't wait for this baby to come out, Looking forward to SP hopefully it'll be as they say LOOONNNNG That's where SC2 will stand out from other RTS, the MP is unlike other MP, and should not be compared to other RTS, It's a fast paced game, based on rushing, not sitting and waiting.

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its just same old starcraft in 3d, not worth the 60 bucks

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wow looks preety cool its a good refresh from the first one really revived the gamethe story line has carried on well thumbs up to starcraft 2

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The game looks GREAT!. This and Diablo 3 need to be released already. I can't wait any longer!

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Im so happy NOW no drug can gimme this

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@Xantheevil14 It's July 27th buddy, it's right there on Blizzard official site. www.blizzard.com

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Separate units for multi and single player. AWESOME idea.

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the Release date is 27th of June, confirmed.

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I'm curious how the different units will play out, SP vs MP... and the rushing. The problem i had with starcraft, is the online mp rushing, cuz I'm was just a casual online mp player... I played it more on LAN with my bro, which was fine, cuz we didn't really rush, and it played out fine, but online, you get dominated, at least I did. :( But yea, I think it would have been nice to have the same units for SP and MP, but thats just me.

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There's a couple lines that I liked in this interview and it came off really well. Simply put: can't wait.

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I really don't give a damn about the singleplayer, the story, or even the AI for that matter. The only real thing they have to do right at this point is make sure the map maker doesn't require you to know C++ out the ass and take months to make a good map. Someone should do a video interview that concerns the map maker. As a long time Blizzard fan I can tell you all that both Starcraft and Warcraft 3 single-players are disposable experiences that are often really repetitive. The story telling for Warcraft 3 was really drawn out to suit the game's learning curve or it was just a sequence of your hero by himself. As much as this looks like it could deliver, nothing compares to the highly addicting, infinite variety that is the custom multiplayer maps. It will only take about 3 months before only the hardcore "no life at all" gamers are still playing normal Starcraft 2 and everyone else is playing the new DotA or Evolves. I can't even imagine what people are gonna do with the third person view. If the map maker is easy enough to use and allows the user even more control of content than before then this game will be played forever and the next two games in the trilogy will be no doubt sell outs (like WoW BC, WotLK).

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this is one game i dont mind waiting for.... this game is gonna be epic when it comes out... oh starcraft... my #1 favourite game of all time... hopefully i can upgrade to a better pc by the time it comes out...

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the commercials are getting longer

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the game is good

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Good going Gamespot, make me watch the damn advert 3 times and the video doesn't even load.

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Definitely excited for this :)

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when will the game be released? Q2 2010 .. they aren't gonna make it

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I'll be buying this regardless.

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Seriously, I'm tired of waiting. Release it already!!!!!!!!!

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@The_AI You said Terrans are the hardest, "More expensive than Zerg, but weaker than the Protoss" ...But I like to think "Cheaper than the Protoss, and stronger than the Zerg" =P Oh well, we'll all probably get our arses handed to us by the Xel'Naga anyways.

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hehe zergs wait for your papa....

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Out in the middle part of this year. I am now hoping June or July wohooo! StarCraft franchise is awesome :))))

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@ropumar The Zerg are an easy race to play if you can master the rush tactic. They're weak, but if you can swarm you're good to go The Protoss are the incredibly powerful noob class. The Terrans are the hardest class to play. More expensive than Zerg, but weaker than the Protoss.

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Reading PC Gamer article on Starcraft II states Starcraft Single player side will be released in three sections. I see this as a uncomplete game being you will have to pay for three campaigns and to me it is milking the customer for more money depending on the price for each campaign. I know the first campaign will be included with the base program meaning you must first buy the core program to play the other two campaigns. If the core program cost $49.99 and the other two campaigns cost $19.99 the customer will be paying over $90 for a full game. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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okay i was bashing sc2 alot since i've heard about the 3 part thing and the no lan thing... but this preview made me wanna buy the game again :/

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Cool they have the goliath in the single player campaign.