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I don´t no yet if i will pay the price, i read the missions maybe will come with the new Star Wars Force Unleashed 2

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why is this on pc not the first one ???????????????????????????????????

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How do the controls compare to the Jedi Knight games? He mentioned a clumsy targeting system. On the PC version can you play like in Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy?

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looks cool

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so then why did it get a 5.0?

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Why does the light saber fights in this game looks so unnatural and so heavy - like the hand-on each time you hit some one. This isn't Devil May Cry, lol!

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im gnna get BOTH ones

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awesome im TOTALY gnna get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I MEAN IT

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hey every body any wan hane it i wana buy it

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@connharr33 yah, you suck. The sarlaac did not did not kill him. He escaped. And, anyway, did you not listen to the guy, he said that it follows the story of the 4th movie, a new hope. Bobab "dies" in the 6th, Return of the Jedi. Yah, you suck.

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Boba Fett is actually alive he didnt die from the Sarlak, he is the only person to come out alive he fires his jet back rocket and brakes his ribs and what not to crawl out. Its covered in one of my books its a great read.

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@connharr33 have you ever played jedi academy or dark forces because boba fett is in those and is very much alive. (but i do under stand where your coming from it looks very convincing that he did die)

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In the psp verson how do i unlooc mace windu?

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Boba Fett did not get killed by the Sarlaac "connharr33"

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i played the first force unleashed in PS2 but that sith edition looks AMAZING i wanna buy it

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looks good can't wait to play it :)

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AND Boba Fett got killed by the Sarlaac. Child please.

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@LegoAnakin Buddy, the canon ending of SWFU is that you (SPOILER) attempt to kill the Emperor, and the figureheads of the Rebel Alliance (Leia Organa, Mon Mothma) survive, but you sacrifice yourself. The non canon ending is that you kill Darth Vader and become the Emperor's slave like Vader was. This game is simply following the non canon ending of SWFU. Calm down.

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I'm not even a Star Wars fan, but I enjoyed the first one very much - twice! :D So I would defenitely recommend it!

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I suggest EVERYONE that even played the game, read the book. It's is so detailed. I read the book and finished it before the game even came out, and the game's story was EXTREMELY lacking!

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"and of course those loveable jawas" (Jawa screams)

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Looks Sweeeet:P

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absolutely loved the first one so im so getting this one

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I loved the star wars unleashed, so im defently going to buy this one

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Awsome spoiler alert ..... i hate when guys dont say anything .... i'm going to check this out later =) Good work

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Was nice. It looks like Quake 4... Only difference is the weapons.

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just beat the game today... awesome... it has some minor flaws, but as a Star Wars fan, I loved the game (I played the PS2 version last year, wich is not even half as good as this PC version). Just had trouble running it with my HIS HD4850 on 1920x1200, way too heavy... had to play in 1440x900, but the visual still looks awesome.

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i got stuck at the orginal where u pull down the star dearstroy so i gave up on it

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This game was horrible in my opinion(Force Unleashed), I expected so much more. I can't believe the company that re-releases their movies year after year wouldn't just make another jedi outcast style game.

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YES LucasArts you continue to milk this game for all it's worth, just like your endless updated collection of dvds. I'm sure some desperate people out there will keep on buying it.

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Everyone remembers the Jedi Knight/Academy/Outcast games right? With all that neat cauterizing and dismemberment. Why couldn't they just attempt to incorporate THAT in to this game. Would make it much more satisfying to play through. That's my opinion anyway.

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I HATE Jawas. Not nearly as much as I friken Hate Gungans... I HATE GUNGANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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like the old one! lame

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i want to now.this game has originaly star wars force unleashed and the sith edition because a friend told me that this game has 14 gb for the pc version.are we going to play all the game or just the 3 mision bonus.pleaseeeee tellll me.?thanks

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at last on PC yeah...

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hmmm looks cool as a star wars game fan cant wait to play it =)

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the only problem i have with the apprentice's new look is whats with the Freddy hand claws they don't do anything

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it looks oki....

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This game would have been so much better if the combat artist of God of War made the combat for this game...everything would just look so slick and wouldnt need all complicated button presses (i know that SW:FU arent complicated, but if you have played God of War youd understand) but no it was so everything just looked a bit boring, forward slash blah blah lightning, oooo...was still an alright game, but just alright.

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Maybe its because i'm not a huge SW fan but.. it looks...boring?

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thinks legoanakin should get a grip.

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PC YO PC!!!!

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aint the DLC already on PSN?

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i have the game on the wii and it had some extra missions that the ps3 didnt have but it was the same for the ps3 version i suppose to save space on memory just sell your old one and go buy the new one it will only be 20 25 pounds becuase of how much it has sold already ;) great game and will be a great experience for me since i have not yet played the ps3 version ps theguf: if you do not want to have all those power ups then buy the new game and start agian anyways you know you are going to get more powers as you go along the game anyway so stop whinng ;@

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One giant problem they forgot to mention: If you've completed the original SWFU, you start these DLCs with all your upgraded powers, which overpowers you way too much, and thus makes the DLC a cakewalk with little to no risk. Plus the DLCs are short, linear, and not worth even $10. If you've never ever played this, it is fun and should be bought for around $20-25. Don't pay more.

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It is so incorrect to the whole Star Wars storyline. Darth Vader was killed by Luke, Boba Fett did not die in the movies, Obi-Wan was killed by Darth Vader, and Luke did not get killed in the movies. I can't believe that people are getting money for totally restructuring the Star Wars storyline. I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I am appalled at this. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. You guys can keep your opinion, and I'll keep mine. connharr33, I'll keep my opinion, and you can keep yours. Just don't call me a kid, please. I'm really fifteen. To everybody who reads this, I didn't mean to upset anyone or start any fights.

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the game its supose to come out in 23 october now its 3 november :(((