Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC 100% Free; New BioWare IP! - E3 2017 - GS News

8 new Battlefield 1 maps, a co-op only new IP from Hazelight, and a release date for FIFA 18 were among the biggest reveals at EA’s E3 press conference!

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Free DLC is nice, but they're still putting microtransactions into a full priced game. **** off with that bullshit.

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Meh, the only news I was wanting to hear out of EA was about the open world Star Wars RPG they have in development so of course they didn't have that.

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She said she loves brothers, whoever she's dating she's cheating on him with his brother.

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Did he say the Phantom Menace was best prequel film to troll or was he serious?

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Cool, wish there was more.