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Star Trek: Picard Episode 6 "The Impossible Box" Breakdown & Easter Eggs

Picard tracks Soji to the Artifact Borg cube. Join Chastity and Greg for a breakdown of the plot and Easter eggs from "The Impossible Box".

In the sixth episode of Picard, Soji (Isa Briones) has a recurring dream, and Narek (Harry Treadaway) is determined to get the details of it in order to safely exploit her for information. Meanwhile Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the crew on La Sirena head to the Artifact Borg cube in search of Soji. However, his past trauma from being assimilated as Locutus of Borg (during The Next Generation two part story The Best of Both Worlds) makes Picard's return to a Borg cube extremely painful for him.

We also got another handful of Star Trek Easter eggs and references in this episode, calling back to The Next Generation, Voyager, Star Trek: First Contact, and Star Trek: Nemesis.

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