Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 5 "Saints of Imperfection" Breakdown & Easter Eggs!

The USS Discovery chases after Spock, Stamets leads a search for Tilly, and we get an emotional reunion. Greg & Chastity break down the story and easter eggs from Star Trek: Discovery season 2 episode 5, "Saints of Imperfection". Disclosure: CBS is GameSpot's parent company.

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Discovery destroys everything great about star trek.

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Ahhh yes... the obligatory "CBS is our parent company, so we have to promote this shit" piece.
It was another episode in mediocrity. Too many storylines with not enough attention given to any one. While at the same time concentrating on the most egregious error: thinking that a star trek series is one character. Every other star trek series has focused on either a ship or a station. Episodes were built around stories taking place there. In later series with actual overarching stories. Why does Burnham have to be everywhere? Why is she the most important thing (especially when she is so unlikable)?
More importantly: why did it take Pike to actually ask who the bridge crew were? Why are they still not interesting? Why aren't there any episodes with anybody other than Burnham to solve the problem? Why don't they focus on different characters in every episode? The ship should be the main character, not Burnham!!!
Where every other series had multiple characters making up the stories of the ship/station, characters you can name in the two hand finger count numbers, STD has less than five: Burnham, Tilly, Saru, (gay engineer... forgot his name... because who the **** cares), and now: Pike.
And yet there are no Tilly+Pike episodes... or Saru+engineer episodes... or any other combination apart from Burnham+....
It's not star trek!!!. Orville is star trek!!!!

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@khankalili: That was pretty brutal.

Can't disagree it's a pile of crap, gave up half way through EP1. Watched Voyager on Netflix and by comparison Voyager looked good. And Voyager sucks.

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voyager was dull and a missed opportunity

Discovery is simply crap

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@DARREN636: I just watched "Alliances" and it's one of the single most dumbest things I've seen in a show.

Seska, you know the Cardasian lady who's betrayed Voyager and joined the Kazon and attempted at least 3 times now to get the ship, tells Chakotay her baby is in danger.


So what does Janeway do? Let Chakotay decide if he wants to take the entire crew (with no choice in the matter) along with Voyager itself, the technology they are after, into an obvious trap.

And what happens? You guessed it, it was a trap and they take the ship.

The writing and decisions the characters make in this show are so, so dumb. Basic logic, self-preservation and "the bigger picture" isn't a thing.

The only silver lining in this two parter are Sudar (who more interesting than the entire main cast) and the Doctor, the only memorable character. And what do they do? Ignore them for most of it and focus on cave-man fighting that serves no purpose to the main plot other than filler.

God. It's no wonder Enterprise tanked when they got the same team on board.