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Very excited about this one...

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looks cool. i got nothing else to say

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@XL2009, i dont understand, this game isnt about our country its in dubai, you do realize a lot of games are about our country like homefront, mw2, etc. 3rd person shooter are good too

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Go play HomeFront.

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WTF i was waiting for a game that's about our country, but why did it have to be 3rd person shooter, why not first person

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I have red in a mag a preview on this game and they showed some screebshots. but this is the first time i see a trailer and i love it. Some of the sreenshots where taken from this trailer.

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the song works to well with this game

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whoahoho, i want this game!

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alice in chains

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can i be the rooster?

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so whats this game about (bloody great song who sings it

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DAMN arabian are not like this

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no no no wait this is not good if they wont the people to buy that CD . they should int do a CD that has an a war of a country or an Arabic country like Dubai they are doing on Dubai . i mean they are doing an CD that has an a war on Dubai ......

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woah woah woah....look @ 1:10 can you kick someone whos behind cover as you jump of it? if so thats awesome. you got my props

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3ed person? interesting

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@Khaos_Kiwi for your own heath never say that in public

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wonderful graphics

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awesome music!

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some impressive visuals but will the gameplay be solid? the textures dont look great but its good enough. looks like itd be fun to play once

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indeed my favorite Alice in Chains song ever.. you just gotta love it

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I think this might be quite good, hopefully less bulky and stiff than the GoW series.

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@ ComndrMander I've got to agree with you, its almost as if there can't be a modern day shooter without it being called a 'Modern Warfare copycat'

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Go on youtube and look at this trailer. Nearly every comment is: It looks just like Call of Duty.......i hate the "gamers" who play an hour a month and only play COD (not saying all COD players are noobs, just the majority and try as you might, you can't argue that). I swear those guys outnumber actual gamers at this point. Anyway, the game looks very impressive and the melee animations looked killer. Can't wait.

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@Artoisol - not sure if you're trying to get some attention, or you don't know anything about music, but Metallica?! tsk, tsk In any case: - great music (Alice in Chains - Rooster for those that want to know) - good trailer - good looking game Hope they get it right. I have high expectations for this one.

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not a fan of shooters games, but will buy it because i live in dubai!

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this is metallica

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damn look at all those soldiers hanged damn intense environment

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This game is looking good.

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This is a competitor with MW2's launch trailer for coolest video game trailer ever!

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lame trailer, and the animations aren't very impressive. Still looking forward to see the final product.

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Looks great this is in my top 10. Good that it's not coming out till 2011 cause they can touch up on it. Story can be great, looks like many scenes from that video are in-game cutscenes. I love the idea of being in Dubai, since I recently went there, I can relate to it (Snow Dubai = Ski Dubai) plus its so different from every other shooter game out there. . I'd say if they put the big mall in there and turn it into a massive shootout mission. It will be insane. All the well-known locations are very well done and I actually remember travelling past that long road up to the 7-star Hotel in the trailer. Its kinda weird! :0 Hope this does well.

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Sweet trailer, definently got me to look after this game!

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This is one of those quite games that are gonna rock. Big marketing campaign doesn't mean that it's a good game just look at Alpha protocol. High expectations for this one!

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Please don't mind Hicks_1. He's a known troll; I still recall how he made a mess in the articles for Dawn of War II last year. Please don't respond to him. :roll: Punk's really desperate for attention. Or at least is trying to get the Epic (but of questionable worth) GameSpot Emblem, The Outlier (which can only be gained by being an insufferable dissenter). (By the way, if you type a person's user-name but append other characters to it like punctuations, "!", ".", etc., that person will likely not be alerted.)

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environment is super awesome :)

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looks good to me

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Not sure if it will be in my top 10.

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very sweet

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Holy crap, Alice In Chains Looks awesome too.

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does that look mediocre to you? ffs go n play dragonball then looks great can't wait :)

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This game looks pretty good. I like how the environment is like nothing used in a game before. Dubai covered in sand, pretty good idea.

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@Jabran_Baloch88 2k sports games aren't awesome though

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Awesome . Can't wait

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Damn this game, just BS...

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