Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer Trailer

Catch a sneak peek of the multiplayer action in Spec Ops: The Line, arriving June 26, 2012.

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I kinda feel pity for this game... Nowadays is hard to find a good game with original ideas, and the ones from this game doesn't seem appealing to me.

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Looks stupid lol, Now with SAND!


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kinna makes me think of GEARS. and a little of Ghost recon hopefully not like Ghost recon though. this game looks much, much better. played the demo and when finished i wanted more. So hopefully it's good I wanna get hyped for this game but still on the edge. ANYONE hyped abouth this game?????

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can someone make a copy of metal gear with assassin creed ? i think the game will be amazing !

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can someone make a copy of metal gear with assassin creed ? i think the will amazing !

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its a fusion of batllefield 3 , ghost recon, and cod

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the 2k did the best copy game ever

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looks nice but this is nothing new

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I have been waiting for this for a long time, maybe the game to drag me away from Gears of War. It looks brilliant, not sure about the invisible trick, it could unbalance the game, maybe for a few seconds only.

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@i_like_space , you can still be seen when invisible but some people dont take notice, but he maps are awesome

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Nice looking maps. Looks like revenge kills.

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the maps alone make me want to play this game, but the invisiblity kinda ruined it. not so excited about that.

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That last kill ... Talk about no mercy ...