South Park: The Stick of Truth and The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Two - New Releases

This week we get South Park: The Stick of Truth, Year Walk, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition and The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Two.

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I can't wait for this game. South Park = a lot of great fun.

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I cant wait for Kevin VanOrd's South Park review!!

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Can you guys please fix your "new releases" page? Before the website refresh, I used to use it all the time. Since you've updated, you've completely neglected it. It is in disgusting disarray to the point that it's mostly useless. Games are listed multiple times on different days and dates are totally wrong.

Please fix!~

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@quietdrive12 Do you even lift?

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@mirage_so3 ???

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thanks for TWD spoiler :\

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@sunbeam4 All that stuff is from the trailer that was released, no spoilers!

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@sunbeam4 Hopefully all of that transpires in the very beginning of the episode, otherwise that's ridiculous.

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@MrWhalo Lol yea I'm not planning on playing TWD Season 2 just yet... but that was more of an episode synopsis than a preview lol!

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yea. its gotta be the jew class first isnt it, shame there is some censorship in the EU. hopefully my pc copy wont be affected.

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@mixindave They censored that out for EU?

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@mixindave censorship only on EU console.

pc will be normal.

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South Park: SoT!! cant wait!!

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@gameroutlawzz Ill be playing as the Jew Class. ROFL

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Yeah I dont know which one ill try first yet but I hope theyre all interesting and unique.