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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Don't hold your breath, Sonic fans. Sega has promised us that the series would be "redeemed" back with Sonic Unleashed, Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic and the Black Knight, etc... EVERY NEW SONIC GAME SUCKS!!! WHY DO THEY KEEP ON MAKING NEW ONES?!

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Sonic is just getting gayer... ='(

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Why did they have to name it sonic colors?? Why????

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Don't. F***. This. Up.

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Either this game is awesome, or this video is deceptive.

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let me guess at the end of this game all the colors ar going to combine and give sonic all the power he needs to be come super sonic......so cliched but who am i kidding im getting this anyway.....I think!?

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YESSSSSS!!! Sonic is BACK!!!!

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And the song is fruity and yet so catchy and I want to hear it again. All sonic songs seem this way...

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It's about freaking time. Sega has been pumpin' out mediocre Sonic games for a while. And Sonic Unleashed was soo close to being a good game, but the were-hog levels ruined it. Sonic games are slowly getting better, and this is the silver lining of that bad Sega cloud. This looks fantastic, and I am looking forward to buying it.

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Let's see how this turns out.....

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Looks awesome! Like Sonic Unleashed, minus everything that made that game terrible! Lmao. ANd looks like they took some notes from the level design in Unleashed as well, and made them even better. Is it possible, could it be? Is this the Sonic game we've all been waiting for!?

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what are those unknown doing with them.

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I will hold judgement til I actually play it. None of the 3D games have been able to capture the feeling of the break neck speeds from the old games but as this seems like a mix of both it might live up to the legend. Looks nice enough anyway.

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This is what Sonic unleashed Shoud've been imo.But I love all sonic titles regardless what people have to say.Ya know....im just a big fan.This game is looking amazing.We get this,Sonic Adventure for Xbox Live Arcade, And Sonic 4 all in fall.Can't Wait!!!

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it also on my xbox i think it will but wii owners don't think u r gonna get gears of war 3 hahahahhahahahahahaaha

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it also on my xbox i think it will but wii owners don't think u r gonna get gears of war 3

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Looking better Sonic, maybe you can dig your self out of that really big hole you've made yet my spiky blue friend.

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okay , this brings sonic back from the failure of Sonic and the homo knight. but not so much on sonic unleashed. I first "rented" it, liked it enough to buy it , and liked 6 1/2 the way.Games like Mario and sonic at the Olympic games of course, failed epically. Sonic colors' storyline seems like one of those "save the animals" Story lines, but still pretty interested. But that is OBVIOUSLY a corny song.

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Amazing!.. sonics back on the right track.. so, no more of that black night/unleashed crap

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This looks AWESOME. Pure Sonic gameplay. I've pre ordered two versions, one for me one for my sisters. Also, the song lyrics are kind of fruity but its catchy and the overall beat is cool.

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I ask only one thing from this, please don't try too hard. Keep it simple. . .

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this might actually be a good sonic game since sonic and knuckles. (and also Sonic 4)

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This is what a Sonic game is all about. No crappy adventure stuff. Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors are gonna be instant hits no doubt.

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i loved that song and it looks like they took sonic unleashed , took out the crappy night levels, made the daytime levels 10x better , put a lot more of them, made it more colorful, and made the first truely successful sonic game of this generation

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looks promising for sure!

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Excellent gameplay and looks fantastic.

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At Long last the REAL comeback of sonic is here!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Meh... A sonic game comes out, it isn't very good... And fans type half defending emails to reviewers like me. It's just lost all impact now at this point...

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Asalways since its Sonic i'm open minded and willing to give it a try. Hopefully it'll be like the daytime stags from unleasehed though, since they were awesome.

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More exicted for this than Sonic 4.

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(laughs) this trailer actually made me laugh. the game looks good, but the trailer looks too short to tell me anything. i hope this is better than sonic unleashed. (dont piss me off sonic team, dont piss me off!)

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Cant wait to see all the new powerups!!!

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This is gonna be the best sonic game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope that theme song on the second trailer was just a presentation. The vocals in Sonic games, I just can't stand. Fantasy Sonic, fantasy music. NOT playboy bands.... Please, no more.

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yay. sonic and tails only again.

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it looks too good can't wait

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idk....looks awesome to me...idk what all the hatin is for

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@Link_Destined_1 even if it is meant to target the younger audience. Older gamers who remember sonic shouldn't be left behind hoping to gain another good sonic title. I grew up with sonic 1,2,3 etc and games like that got me into gaming. If it wasn't for the older gamers who loved them games so much sonic wouldn't be as popular now. All i'm saying is they should make a good adventure game involving sonic that appeals to all gamers.

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I'll be playing this and sonic 4 till the beginning of summer next year!!!

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In case people haven't realized, this game is supposed to target the younger set.

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Im gonna get this for XMas