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This is the 1st sonic racing game after Sonic Riders and this one also rock's:)

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That game will be so much fun.

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That's not B.D. Joe.. That's Beat from Jet Set Radio. D:

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it's not developed in Japan, Sumo is an UK based dev team

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Hmmm... The game uses duplicate A's for ranks higher than A. This is a Japanese-developed game, so I am surprised it did not use the "S" grade for any higher rank, considering that just about any Japanese game IP used it (from the Naruto games to Resident Evil). Of course, "S-rank" probably won't sound familiar to Western ears, so perhaps some localization has been performed?

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Ah, yes! Crazy Taxi! I recall that game! Sweet to have read about that game (yes, even reading about that game was fun), too bad I did not get to play it. If I recall the videos about the game that I have watched, it was hilariously whimsical, though the game does take lengths to avoid having it turn into another GTA (e.g civilians are coded to have terrific reflexes if the player has some sudden Carmageddon tendencies).