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how could gamespot only give this game a rating of #6.5???? that blows my mind!!! i got this game and have been a fan for the past #20 years,for the sonic games and this is #1 of the best!! it stays true to the rest of the sonic games(1,2 ,3,) if your looking for a fun game,like the past o.g. sonic games then u will love this onne to.my score is #8.5

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Looks pretty good, although Sonic looks kinda awkward with his arms spread out while he's falling.

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What ZippoLag said; Traditional mechanics. Among other things, it's like the old school running animation has been abandoned to some pseudo-realistic running. Certain really good speed runs from Sonic and The Sacred Rings, Early Sonic Advanced series for the gameboy, Sonic Rush for the DS or the Speed Highway Zone in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast had some semblance of the older games being applied to more modern day technology, but those are few and far in between with so many sonic games having been released. ....oh yeah and 8/16 bit music was awesome.

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all u little kids need to quit b1tchin. (2d) sonic's one of the best game series ever, and they're finally goin bak to it instead of all that sh1tty 3d garbage they attempted... it's sonic, it'll kick ass

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This looks like a freaking rehash of Sonic 1 with a twist in Robotnik's attack when he's losing. If the next stage is the ruins place with him in the lava screw it. I might as well download an emulator and play Sonic 1. Sega, cut the homing attack, bring back the crappy 8-bit graphics, puts some speed in his system, Chaos Emeralds plus Super Chaos Emeralds, and get him back on track! ,,!,, o_ 0 ,,!,,

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This looks pretty cool to me.

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it looks slow because the animations for sonic seem to be less detailed, it looks like sonic is too stiff when running and twisting and jumping, but back to its roots 2d sweet looking forward to it

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sonic seems a little slower in this game than he was in previous games.

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It seems kinda simple to me? Maybe its the graphics? It also seems like they've slowed the pace down as well. Which is weird, remember this is sonic! I dont know why but there definately feels like there is less happening in this game compared to the other great 2d sonic games. For me the sonic advanced series was the most intence chunk of sonic iv had.

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Is this on WiiWare? Help. :|

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Sonic has been good on handhelds for a while now. I hope that this game lives up to everything I hope it will be.

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How exciting! Sonic the Hedgehog was the very first game I owned.. and thus I feel more of my youth being shot down realizing Sonic is 19. It's awesome that Sonic is one maning it again but I would like to see Shadow in one of the future episodes at least as a cameo.

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will we finally see a good sonic game? lets hope so

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Should have like Shadow in like an Eggman factory(still 2D) in future episodes.

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...Wait, why have the same first-level boss from the first game? There's plenty of room for creativity in designing an Eggman machine (given you only really have to have the round escape pod in the design) and recycling old boss designs screams laziness. Also, speaking from experience from playing all the old 2D Sonic games, this one is a lot slower-paced...Well, either that or the person playing it has the mentality to destroy everything in sight rather than trying to zip past them (which made the old Sonic games awesome). Oh, the times I outran the screen in Sonic 2. Heh, now I want to play through those games again.

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Altough I like all the 3D Sonic games better, this looks fun.

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why make the same boss?! why not make the bosses tougher and more bad @$$

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i guess so

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cant wait

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Ah, one of the few things that makes me happy in video games. Now to just add that charm to modern style Sonic games. . .

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For Sega to thrive, make Sonic adventure 3 after Sonic 4

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Can't wait to play this!

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looking forward to this

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@THA-TODD-BEAST Like I just said, only use it when it's a must if you dislike it so much. And to be honest, in those "must use" parts, it doesn't slow you down much if at all. Plus, I'm already seeing potential for the homing attack when going for items and the spring shots. Speed runners could possibly benefit from it.

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@GeminiEntity Problem is, they've clearly developed the game around the mechanic and some parts in this video appear to actually require the move in order to advance or get to the places they show.

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@THA-TODD-BEAST I disagree, for me they both go hand in hand. It's the overall speed I'm talking about and this homing attack gets the job done. If you dislike it so much, then only use it when it's a must.

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guess with old age comes slow speed

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@GeminiEntity Ease of killing enemies and the speed in which you can do so and progress through the level are two entirely different things. And if you need to use the homing attack to reach an enemy, what is the point of killing that enemy again other than wasting time? I feel as if you're completely missing the point. Why did I not have any trouble being slowed down in the older Sonic the Hedgehog games?

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@THA-TODD-BEAST Considering we are posting right under a video with game play footage, it's pretty obvious that I saw game play footage, lol. Actually, not all enemies could be hit so easily without losing speed, this homing attack can kill enemies without having to stop or aim up. So yes, it does keep the pace of the game nice and speedy.

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@GeminiEntity "The homing attack is fine, it keeps the pace of the game fast." LOL. Just the opposite, actually. How is colliding with something, then being bounced backwards an element that maintains the speed of the game? It's practically a speed bump. Have you even watched the gameplay footage? It was far faster in the older games spin-attacking through enemies and destroying them without so much as a hitch while still maintaining momentum.

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The homing attack is fine, it keeps the pace of the game fast. As for the boss, the bosses were never hard until the end of the game. This is what old sonic fans have been waiting for, a fast sonic game.

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i wanna run through the level as super sonic again. i hate when they save the emerald rewards till the end. how boring.

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yay flickys :P but, yeah the homing in attacks?? I am not good at side scrolling games, but even I think its usless:o

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doesnt look as good as i thought it would. the homing attack kills any skill required and its the same thing besides that as the old games. even the robotnik boss is the same.

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I'm not convinced that the homing attack is a good idea, maybe as a optional extra

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It's way too late to take out the homing attack from the game, even if it is useless and makes the game too easy. The change they should make is to have some kind of reward for not using the homing attack, like having less damage, or enemies changing from invincible to being able to be hurt so you would have to linger in the air. They also need to do something about the bosses. Way too easy! The Sonic games are meant to be hard. Even for non experienced players, you should feel a very good challenge if you go fast. Maybe add a hard mode where you can't use it or have to be going fast for momentum to use it, just like REAL physics would allow, not just hanging in the air.

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I don't like the run animation. :(

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want. want now. PLEASE!!

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sonic 3 was the best in far as game play animation speed music and fun. this is a sonic 1 remake. bring back streets of rage already we have enough sonics

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I'm a have alot of fun playing Sonic the Hedgehog 4, can't wait.

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Dudes need to study the run cycle animation from the sonic cd pencil test more that is how it should look when he runs. << LINK REMOVED >> HAve not played a sonic game since that horrible 2006 sonic game on xbox 360/ps2. might give this one a chance But sonic colors.. no way not buying that don't trust it. And god sega get somebody from sonic 2 or sonic and knuckles or sonic CD to do some music for this game.. sega spend some money

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Ok I kept from not saying stuff long enough but i got to say stuff now that is not right. They have to get rid of that homing attack. the entire reason of the hominh attack was because it was so fricking hard to jump on anything in 3d going fast hell even going slow you had to try hard to jump on somthing moving. This is 2d the homing attack just makes the game to easy, you can homhing attack dudes from like a mile away. the 2d games do not need it you can hit a a dude with out it in 2d they is why fricking new super mario wii don't have a fricking homing attack or most anything from the 3d mario. And i still think this would have been better if they made it look like a 16 bit sonic 2 or sonic 3 or sonic cd game like mega man 9 or mega man 10. I don't like 3d that plays in 2d the models look funny on a 2d plane. None of the movements in sonic run looks right that real type running don't look right in a 2d sonic game, it should have that circle run like the 16 bit games, (even throw in the figure 8 run from sonic cd) motion blur on his feet would look better or something. There seems to be some type of that run.. but It does not look right at all. he used to look sleek doing those runs in 16 bit this looks like he is going to trip when he does it. (dont need the smoke either it looks to busy under his feet.)

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There's not enough movement when Sonic starts running from a stand-still position. It looks as if his body is stuck in place and only his legs are moving, almost like a robot rather than a fluid, fast character. It just has this incredibly cheap, rushed feel to it as if it's something you would see produced by a fan and not by a big-name developer such as SEGA. Something else that bothers me is how when Sonic shoots forwards and jumps off a ramp in a spinning position, as soon as he exits the ramp he goes into a "free fall" posture with his arms and legs sticking out rather than remaining in a spinning position so that he can collide with enemies in the air or land on top of them and destroy them. The homing attack slows down the action too much, too, because when you collide with something you immediately bounce backwards and your forward momentum comes to a complete halt. It conflicts so much with the constant forward motion Sonic generally has, it nearly feels totally out of place. Just little touches like this really, really bother me and completely break the fast, fluid Sonic experience one can get by playing the older Sega Genesis titles. I can't help but feel that Sonic Team will miss the mark for the umpteenth time. Oh well. At least the landscape looks pretty and we don't have over a dozen characters to stop caring about.

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Looks ok

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looks bad ass =D

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this feels like a remake more than a new game...

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I have noticed something, most of sonics good games, the first level is either a hill of some sort, or is a variation of the color green, all except sonic CD which I think was palmtree panic

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