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i want it so frekin bad

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Tripwire grenades, time bombs, covering the sound of your shot by waiting for bombers to fly by or tanks shooting. Keeping the equipment you've saved/wasted during previous parts of the mission. Why havent they talked about the best of this game! This was truly the best sniping game ever, sad they didnt give it better graphics or new scenario.

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Elite was/is the best, and all they need to do is make a modern version. Ghost Warrior was useless!

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Proliferate the glory of Sniper Elite! Demand a quality sequel!

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I think Sniper Ghost Warrior is better

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it's the most realistic game about snipping . not scope and shoot like other games

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In response to the last post....this game is ancient and unfortunately for you...unchanged from the original, almost 6 year old game...sorry to let you know.

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To everyone who quick scopes or thinks sniping in call of duty or any fps is realstic. It is not even close to the word realistic. But finally a game that is more realstic then any other fps that has snipiers.

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Now they just need a sequel/spinoff on the PS3

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Awesome, and just when I was putting away my Wii to play my PS3. Looks like it will be Freedom Fighters but killing communists in '45.

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I am interested in how the controls are going to make the jump to the Wii.

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Gelugen..SEGA and fox are happy with what they did actually. They were working on this before apv was finished. If you have played rogue trooper wii you could see they did a great job updating it for the wii and such. Instead of just going on a mindless rant..think before you speak. On note trailer was good and I like the updates they made.

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Rebellion's making THIS? The same Rebellion that gave us the broken first Aliens VS Predator and the third one that is just plainly uninspiring? And now Rebellion's rebooting this 2005 game for the Wii? Seriously, Rebellion is running out of ideas and is just looking to make a quick f***ing buck. And Rebellion must be darn desperate if it's working with Reef Entertainment after having pi**ed off Sega with its half-baked recent release.

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hopefully this'll be as good as the regular version. graphics look a bit cleaner than before... could be worth a buy... here's to hoping.

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Bold move. I guess this means I'll be buying a Wii.