Sleeping Dogs Highlights - The Shaun Method

Shaun and Maxwell take the streets of Hong Kong to deliver justice to all evil doers on this week's The Shaun Method.

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The Shaun Method
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@kitmeep Graphics are great on PC with the hi res texture pack. I didn't encounter too many glitches.

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I didn't play this game until post GTAV, so everything felt inferior

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@Maverick6585 I also played SD after GTAV, but despite some minor issues, I finally understood why GTAV was not in too many GOTY 2013 discussions(not on Giantbomb's anyway). SD is a more interesting game if you give it time, at least the melee combat and car jacks can make one feel like a real badass.

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Is it the PC version that's so glitchy, or have you modded the game? I completed this on PS3 and didn't run into a single physics spaz.

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@jonny_dutch I played on PC. There was a weird glitch in the first mission when I bought it at launch but other than that, it was mostly bug free as far as I remember. Excellent game, get the free hi res texture pack if you can run it.

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@kitmeep I played through the whole game last year and I think this game is better than the sum of its parts. It may not do one thing the best in gaming, but it does a whole lot very solidly and it's still plenty of fun.