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Pimp tight.

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I cant believe I watched this all the way through. I'm disappointed with myself.

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Why are people excited for this? Honest question....

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@dani_i89: The multiplayer (which is the game's main focus) looks a lot more fun than the single player. Watch that on youtube and if you still don't like the look of it then answer to your question is 'personal preference'.

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cause it's fun, I played the test fire twice and had a blast

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What is the point of the ink if the squid can paint it by just sliding ? Getting the "another pointless gimmick" vibe here.

Also, the game plays incredibly slow for a shooter.

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@Talavaj: The unlimited Kraken form is only for this specific time trial though. In multiplayer, it's a special ability that you have to charge up by spraying ink around, and it only lasts a few seconds.

And I don't know if you played during the stress test, but the gameplay is actually quite fast-paced for a console shooter. Keep in mind that even when there's no enemy in sight, you still have things to shoot.

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On disc dlc?

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@HonorOfGod: Yeah, sucks really doesn't it? Wonder of you can unlock it with someone else's amiibo? Not that that matters to me as I don't know anyone who owns amiibos that would be willing to open them lol.

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@timmerous@HonorOfGod: Heh yeah, did anyone actually buy Amiibos to play with? Seems it was all resellers, speculators, and collectors.

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Ah, a time trial. This must be the Challenge Level unlocked by using the Inkling Squid amiibo. Seems neat.