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Sign Up To Playtest The New Skate Game

Skate shows off new footage and is opening up sign ups for a playtest, Nerf is making an IRL Gjallarhorn, and the Samsung Gaming Hub is no live.

Skate has an update, the Gjallarhorn is getting a different kind of nerf, and Samsung’s Gaming Hub is live! All this on today’s GameSpot News.

The team behind the new Skate released a fun update video to announce an upcoming playtest. The video claims to feature pre-pre-pre-alpha footage, initially showing off very bare bones levels and character builds, which get into a ton of accidents, before transitioning into gameplay resembling something you would expect to play at home. All the while talking about how the team is implementing a lot of fan ideas into the game, highlighting some of the creative designs that seem ripped from a potential level builder, indicating that Skate 3’s Skate. Park mode could be returning for the new installment.

It’s been twelve years since that third entry’s release, and after fans champed at the bit for a fourth Skate, EA finally answered their prayers at its 2020 EA Play showcase. Today’s video is the first real update since that announcement, and anyone that wants to help shape the game can sign up to be considered for playtesting at

Destiny 2 players that have acquired one of the game’s most iconic weapons, the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, will have first dibs on a nerfed version of the weapon. No, not a less powerful, in-game Gjallarhorn. An IRL Gjallahorn Nerf blaster! An early access preorder window, starting July 7 and ending July 21, will be available to anyone that has acquired the exotic weapon via the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, with remaining units available to the public after the fact, the rest of you get Chatterwhite I guess. Head to for a guide on how to acquire the in-game weapon to get ready for the preorder window.

This isn’t some toy for small children. The Nerf Gjallarhorn is 4 feet long, meaning it’s a 1:1 replica of the one in-game. All of this awesomeness does come at a price, however, retailing for $185. Inflation has come for Nerf too, it seems.

After spending all that money on the Nerf Gjallarhorn, you might not have much of a budget left for games or consoles in July. However, if you have a recent Samsung TV and a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, then you’re in luck! No need to buy games to play or a console to play them on, as Samsung’s Gaming Hub is now live. Connect any bluetooth controller to a 2022 Samsung TV, and you’ll be able to access the Xbox Game Pass library via cloud streaming, as well as other similar services like Google Stadia and GeForce Now, with Amazon Luna support coming soon.

This is just one step for Xbox bringing cloud gaming to the TV. In June 2021, Xbox confirmed it was working on a device akin to an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Codenamed “Keystone”, a reference to the ancient relic from the Halo franchise, the device would bring Xbox cloud streaming to other television models, even ones that don’t have Smart TV functionality. Windows Central confirmed this May with the company that they are taking a little longer than initially planned to bring the product to market, but when it does become available to consumers, theoretically any TV should be able to support Xbox cloud gaming.

That’s everything on today’s GameSpot News! Remember to sign up to playtest the new Skate, and head to for all the details on how to obtain that sick Nerf Gjallahorn early.

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