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I like the colors & UI more on this game, and the sense of a new world.

I want to like this game more than Civ5...I still think it could get there. It just needs more. Hopefully it wont take a few years to catch up.

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I still don't think this expansion goes far enough. As someone who got completely addicted to Civ V with G&K and then again with BNW, I found Beyond Earth not very compelling. They needed to add features rather than strip them away, only to be added back in with expansions.

What I would look for in Beyond Earth is a much deeper diplomacy system that is more than just trade or war. I'd also love to see more role-play options for the affinities. Playing Harmony would be much more interesting if you could interact with aliens more than just choosing not to kill them.

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Now i will be able to enjoy the same nearly boring experience except with being able to do stuff over the water.

Ya...., I don't think i even care to buy it when its 75% off.

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Aline egg resources? Harvesting alien eggs has never worked out well for anybody even once.

But an abyssal mirror sounds pretty sweet. Now I can gaze long into the abyss from safely around a corner, where the abyss can't also gaze into me.