Should Divinity: Original Sin 2 Be Your First CRPG? - Reboot Episode 15.5

Mike and Jake discuss their personal histories with computer role-playing games, as well as their recent adventures in Divinity: Original Sin 2, Larian Studios' stunning masterpiece.

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No GS, it shouldn't. I won't be touching this hot, steamy pile of donkey crap you rate as a 10. I could barely make halfway through your video review without being bored to tears. You rate these niche games a 10 which looks and feels like a game made over 30 yrs ago that was pulled from grandpas attic after he was fired from the second dev studio ever created.

I'll be playing a truly innovative game in 6 hours that expands on quite remarkable gameplay concepts from 2014. Yes, i'm talking about Shawdow of War you rated 7. The amount of inconsistencies this site demonstrates from one game to the next is absolutely mind knumbingly painful.

Gamespot seems to either be runned by nothing but die-hard/try-hard hipsters or by a bunch of back room, cigar puffing, mofia wanna bees full of back door channels trying to influnce gaming to their own end for profit and special interest. I guess all bets are off given the larger context of current events in the world today. Natural reason has been obliterated on nearly every level of western civilization as of late, Why should the gaming media be the expectation? It's clear. It's not.

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@Dogmatic923: Shadow of war innovation...hahahaha. Good one. It appears there is somethin that just came out of grandpas attic.

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@Dogmatic923: "I'll be playing a truly innovative game in 6 hours that expands on quite remarkable gameplay concepts from 2014" Yeah shadow of boredom wasn't repetitive at all. Natural reason is gone hahaha...get a grip.

Edit - Forgot about the micro transactions hahaha - Shadow of war hahaha. I already returned this crap game on Steam very unimpressed same game as 2014. New moves were cool. Everything else was not, same grind crap, micro transactions, pay to play for orcs. C'mon man your insane

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Why are you so angry about a game you clearly haven't played? Because they gave another game a 7?

I have put in 100 hours in the game, and I have really enjoyed it. It's well written, often funny, and is tactically deeper than most games out there. Other people might like not like it. No reason to completely lose your mind over it, however.

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@dmblum1799: Their standards for reviews are disgustingly disportionate. They'll put a fan boy on a niche title 95% of gamers will never play and give it a 10. Then put a hater on a AAA title that 45% of gamers will play and give it a 7 when it cleary deserves a 9. If a true fanboy from gamespot reviewed Shadow of War it would have clearly got an 11, but they'd have docked a point for MTs, so it'd been a 10. Feel me brah.

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As a fan of the first game that couldn't wait to play this game I am sad to say I agree with some of the commenters.

Overrated game, full of plot holes and immersion breaks and, yes, kinda boring.

Can't play it for 1 hour straight without feeling that I should be doing or playing something else.

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What the C stands for? Computer? Classic? Card?!

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@santinegrete: it stands for 'Crap'

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@Dogmatic923: The douche is strong with this one

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We live in uncertain times for sure. A guy like Donald Trump can become President, an elderly white American man goes on a ISIS style like rampage and games like this can score a 10 while Shadow of War gets a 7 here on GS. The world no longer makes sense. If I was a millionaire i'd be putting the finishing touches on my dooms day shelter right about now.

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@Dogmatic923: Why are you not playing shadow of war now? The game is not rated much higher anyplace else. You rage like a baby because a game you like (boring) got an unfavorable rating here (and everywhere). OMG its a AAA a game it's the best agree or your dumb...seriously dude kick rocks.

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Hello all I am a university student looking for some people to fill out my questionnaire all feedback would be hugely appreciated


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@laylilable: Done. I hope I entered my social security number correctly. Fat fingers and all that.

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Actually its sequel to Divine Divinity

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I own a MacBook so no DOS 2 for now, but the first game is available for Mac and also PS4. I hardly use my Mac for games so I'm leaning towards buying for my PS.

My question; is it a good port for the Playstation?

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@f1r3starter: I am a PC Gamer and I own a PS4 too because sometimes I just feel comfortable playing on my couch. I bought the DOS for PS4 and I am absolutely loving it . I have got more than 50 hours now.

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I don't mind the slow pace at all but the top view camera completely pulls me out of the experience in these type of games. : /

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@nadsat-77: I was hoping they move toward the DA:O camera angle. Or at least let us see the characters during dialog. When set on controller input mode, it zooms out and overlays the dialog on top of the screen. :(

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Divinity 2 sets the bar too high. I think it's personally better than Pillar, Tyranny, even Baldurs Gate, and Neverwinter.

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CRPGS are games like Fallout 1, 2, Baldurs Gate and the recently released and excellent Pillars of Eternity. This game and its predecessor has some of the same elements but the combat is completely different (more like a Japanese tactical RPG making it a CRPG + TRPG hybrid.

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If any DEV reads this, please make Fallout Tactics Remaster or Remake.

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People really use the term CRPG?

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@pier_luc123: I kinda like the CRPG because it specifies what type of RPG it is. This game would be challenging to port to console.

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@KingKalo: Why would it it be challenging? It works fine with PS controller on PC and they can easily lower graphics settings. Not much different from doing the first one.

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@KingKalo: Would it be challenging?

They did a pretty good job of porting the first one (Divinity: Original Sin) to PS4 and XB1, and I haven't noticed any significant input differences in this sequel.

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@Renunciation: I mis understood the P i guess. Thats awesome that it works well with controllers, I just didnt think it did

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@KingKalo: I probably put 20-30 hours into D:OS before using a controller. It took a bit of getting used to, but I wound up being rather impressed with how well it was integrated. In fact, I still prefer using the controller because it's more compatible with my recliner. :D

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@Renunciation: Eh i could never use a controller for these types of games, just feels better, and more responsive with mouse and keyboard, plus better layout for where i want everything. But opinions.

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@pcgameboy: Yeah. Opinions. It's not an action game, so I'm not cursing the controller's responsiveness.

Either way, though -- damned good game. Enjoy!

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@pier_luc123: RPG for me.

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I actually found the game to be dull and uninteresting. The controls were sluggish and the character customization was lack-luster.