Shogun 2: Total War Story Trailer

This trailer offers a detailed sneak peek at the elaborate story that fuels the game’s campaign mode.

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Is this taking place during the warring states? When she says ten samurai have split the country? Is it Nobunaga, Kenshin, Takeda, Date, and Ginchiyo?

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gona have so much fun from this game 1 !!1

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This game looks epic! Im glad they chose not to pursue the gun era and went back to their roots. I hope a RomeTW 2 is on the horizon.

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This will be great. I look forward to controll the samurais.

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I don't wanna wait until march :(

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I have grown to relay like ainchent Japan. So this sounds and looks realy cool.

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Please show us more videos that show how the campaign map looks like and works.

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you can just predict they are gonna end the trailer saying "this is total war" or something like that xD

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They should use Japanese voice with English subs.

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Cake for Shogun.

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hope this as good as his older brother the first Shogun Total War

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I remember playing Shogun when it first came out and I loved it. I'm sure I will love this iteration too but I thought that was a poor trailer to be honest. Hope they are not as lazy when making the actual game.

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And straight after Shogun 2 and it's expansion packs I expect to see Rome 2 or something in that Era... No excuses!

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Glad they've strayed away from this gun warfare crap and gone back to the origins... The thing that made me LOVE the franchise.

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Still looking good! :) The voicing is not that bad. It's not great, but it's not as bad as some are saying imo. It's just a younger voice that wavers a bit between accents and emphasis - sometimes a bit more Japanese-ish, sometimes a bit more English-ish, sometimes a bit uncertain... - that's all.

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Oh please, please, have the Kensai unit in this one. :P

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So glad I have pre-ordered this. CAN'T WAIT!!

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awsome! cant wait for it to come out!

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Oh my oh my, im getting hyped for this now, glad to go back to close combat as the main way of fighting

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going back to where it all started, this should be awesome

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i hope they really improve the AI this time and fix all the bugs/glitches. Empire really strained my faith is CA, i hope they turn things around this time.

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Man I need a frigin job! job -> new pc -> shogun 2 -> me = happy btw this up next in x seconds thingy is really annoying. Sometimes I forget to cancel it and want to type a comment and that thing jumps to the next video. Not cool.

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Looks incredible.Samurai rulez!

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Rubbish voice actor, but i get the feeling that this game can finally be better than Rome. Or at least be as good as it was

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I love all total war games, and will definitly buy this one. I just hope they fix all the AI bugs with the enemy armies that are in Rome, Medieval, and Empire

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what a bad voice! i really hope that she is not in the game! but anyway cant wait for the game to be released! :D

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Loved the original. Was one of my faves of it's time. Looking forward to this one. :)

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ohhh damn! cant wait!