Shogun 2: Total War - Rise of the Samurai - Official Trailer

Check out this trailer for the Rise of Samurai DLC for Shogun 2: Total War.

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From the trailer, I get the impression that this is about 97% Shogun-2 and 3% innovative. I will wait for Rome-2 thank you.

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think of the kids today who grows up with flat sceen tv's and this...

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Looks Good i will be buying it. it doesnt cost that much

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me buy anything involves samurai and ninja!

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CA/SEGA You create some newly skinned units and expect me to buy this? The fact you took the easy way out and made all units in the factions the same is already dissapointing enough, then to top it off you get rid of randomly generated maps and make me have to play map after map after map over. Stick it.....

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When is it coming out!!!!

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not interested, ill pass

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First!!! Hahaha, always wanted to do that. I cant wait for this!