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This is awesome.I can't wait until it comes out.

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every new total war game just makes me love the series even more

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Pretty funny that they used referance to Sun Tzu's Art of War. Sun Tzu is Chinese, and Japan completely forbids the Art of War. Even Japanese people in Epcot at Disney are like "No such thing!", then I go over to the Chinese section, and they're like "OOOH, future general for sure! Right over here.".

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looks awesome, I like how they are going back to more ancient times. I was getting sick of cannons and guns. Far more fun sending in mass heavy calvary to wipe out infantry.

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I'm getting sick of these hassle Hoff videos

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bought time been waiting forever for them to remake this game, i knew it was only a matter of time, so glad it's sooner than later, awesome stuff.

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That... was... BEAUTIFUL!! Holy Cow!

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bulldogg11 im doin the exact same thing, this game looks crazy

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I just got teary eyed. I am going to get a gaming laptop JUST for this game!!!!! MLIG

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HELL YEAH... finally... thank... you... SEGA and Creative Assembly

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yesss finally :D, I will start upgrading my computer till it released

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Now for more than just a teaser.

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Roma? :(

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just awesome

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yes it is. This looks like a polished version of the NTW graphics. Face it, Total War has been pushing the envelope on graphics lately, so just believe it, it's gameplay. Also, if it weren't a gameplay trailer, everything would so much more polished, like a cutscene polished. So the only thing to be angry about is that CA is hording their methods of filming in game. Modders had to make thier own cinematic editor when M2TW came out so that they could make the same kind of trailers. SO I give props to CA for the GRAPHICS, but I want a cinematic editor!!

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this is not gameplay.

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f'ing beautiful! oh i can't wait!

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Napoleon Total War was awesome so I know that it will be too. Can't wait

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lol@people giving thumbs down for posts saying this isn't gameplay when they're factually right.

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omg i'm so impressed with the technology of today back then these guys looked like cardboard but now it looks soo real that i can't believe it's actual gameplay now it looks like cinematics from old school games and this is just regular gameplay i wonder what the actual cutscenes look like

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this is not a gameplay trailer

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upgrades of the graphics and different types of culture like rome total war, shogun, and medival

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I think i will be a good game.But what is different between all total wars games?The story i understood.

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Ok looks neat but is it going to have all the problems Empire total war had I mean has, where some graphics cards don't work at all with the game or to be forced to use old out of date drivers to play? Not trolling but CA has left a bad feeling about any future games they do.

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this is all ingame footage open your eyes if u cant tell its all ingame footage then do this look at the horses they ride they still have the detail of empire total war

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@Lukeskaes lol a friend of mine said the samething when he saw one of the Reach trailers.

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Where exactly was the "gameplay" in this trailer? It was all FMV bullsh*t.

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@Hladilnik Of course it does! All you have to do is when you go into the shop to buy your game, let the sales assistant know what computer you have and if it isn't able to play the game on full specs, then he'll give the game company a call and they'll send you one that will.......

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Does it come with computer that is able to play the game in highest settings and resolution? :)

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still playn 1st .... cant wait for 2nd :))))

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Lukeskaes, lol man you made my day, i had the same reaction :) i wish i could thumb you up ten more times

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this trailer gave me a boner

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Cant wait!!

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no doubt this will be a great game, they never fail to impress and i loved the first shogun so its already a buy for me......even if i need to buy a new pc to play!

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Is there going to be blood? :S

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..... I think I need a new computer...

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@sextus1 +1 my friend, well said. TW finally at full circle. Like The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi, this should be a classic. Now, I wonder if that music is the return of the maestro Jeff van Dyck?! I'm also wondering if we'll get the general's speeches back in a TW game? I miss those. Not really bothered if not (after all they weren't in Shogun:TW if I remember right) but I thought in Rome and Medieval II it added character and atmosphere... got you inspired and in the mood for battle. Not necessarily authentic, but then neither is having background music! Immersive, in a classic Kurosawa or Hollywood movie way. Just my opinion of course :)

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Total War series will be much more great if Sega publishes only one game every 2 years instead of one game every year, so they have enough time to fix bugs and improve gameplay. I've missed Rome: Total war ...

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One thought and one only- "Bring it on". I am a TW supporter as well as a flight sim fanatic. This may well be the last game I buy for my lilbrary. Thanks for listening to us gamers.

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lol if they stuck the same face on all the soldiers nobody would notice... XD

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This looks like part of the demo they showed at E3. Nice!

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god damm it. I wanted World War I: Total War

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erm...gameplay? gamespot be careful with your labelling

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Glad they showed some in-game footage, but where's the gameplay?

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