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I hope this one doesnt have all that graphical error problems like Empire did.... this one looks awesome, but so did empire :*(

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i dont like the graphics of this series. !

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Totally sticking to the Old Ways of the Shogun. Screw guns!

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@GuinessHero they'll probably have an Expansion like Medieval 2 did.

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They should make a China Total War. It's like DW but it's strategy-based ! Imagine using Guan Yu to own Cao Cao instead of Liu Bei and Sun Quan ! It's like re-shaping the history !

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Looks amazing, and makes me even happier that I bought a new PC. Still hoping for Rome II since it's the one that got me hooked on the series.

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there are still going to be guns in this one but will they be as effective as in empire and napoleon total or will they be like the ones in medieval 2

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this is going to be the best total war game yet

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why they always ask for flash player 10 :\ i already have it

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total ear always with bug and freezing

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I wonder if this is purely japan, or will it have options to play in korea and china too. Would be good if it did.

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So cool. I want it bad !!!

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OMG,it can't be that G00000000000000000D!!!!!!!!!!! can it?

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That is so awesome! Does Medieval II have the same progression thing where your assasins and characters gain experience and stuff?

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Hope this ones better than Empire. Gonna be getting a new video card for this.

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Gawd damn it... now i have to go buy new a PC

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I played shogun 1 and I cant wait to shogun 2. its the only total war game I ever enjoyed

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Let’s hope the AI doesn’t stink like it has in all the previous ones.

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convinced to buy ! :D

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ahhhaaa this is most honorable gameplay

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and also glad to see the end of the gun fighting in total war, its just not the same in this sort of game i think most people agree

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this game will be great just like all the others, only i hope they make a military access diplomacy option because i always used to hate the danes landing in scotland and taking edinburgh off me in medieval 2 lol but thats clutching at straws this game is always good woo, cant wait!

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I've been hoping they would remake Shogun with the new tech for a long time :)

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Imagine if this were Rome Total war 2 or Medieval 3

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First of all, I gotta admit I'm not really a strategy games' fan. But Civ V got me hooked and this is also looking very promising!

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I really missed the focus of melee combat in the Total War series and am very glad they're bringing it back.

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I love the Total War series! @True_KING I know how you feel. I don't think my computer will run this game very well. @Lacrau It's easier said than done when you don't have any money. I just with I could find out for sure if PC was going to run this game for long periods of time. Any suggestions?

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the narrator sounds like leliana's voice actor sorta

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dont worry true king buy another one

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my laptop can run empire total war on highest, hopefully it can handle this one also

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well i buy new pc for medieval 2 total war and now l will buy new one for this game :) Total War on my wallet for sure!

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My computer is going to be destroyed by this game.

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Wait for Kingdom Under Fire II....TW games just go in circles

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Nice I allways was a fan of total war this is awesome !

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I hope the muskets can actually kill a few guys in this one, in empires and Napoleon I just felt so unsatisfied with my volley of muskets taken out 10 guys each time, especially since musket men might be the new elite line infantry.

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I like games like this , gives me an epic feeling when soldiers charging in the battlefield. I need a better CPU for this :( Dual core is not enough I think.

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gotta upgrade my rig :P

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This "return to the roots thing" is interesting. It makes you wonder if there will be Rome 2 total war. That would be something.

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uhaaaaa nice game

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the game so badass

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I love that so many old features have returned. This is going to be the best yet.

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Loved the first sooooo much, have waited for this for what feels like forever.

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sorry for wordy comments, this is last : since the 1st Shogun introduced Mongol invasion, why dont they put in some legendary Mongolian riders carrying wagons of Mongolian beef? I wonder how those riders as well as Korean spear-men and bomb throwers would look like.

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Seriously, gunpowder gonna make defense hell of a...hell. Since siege weapons are not mentioned, how the heck are they supposed to break through layers of walls with thousands of musketeers shoot out like crazy? I hope siege battles wont be lame as in push a bunch of units through narrow gateways to squeeze inside.

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Personalized characters, FINALLY!! Kinda disappointed that the flags still look plastic, but anyhow gonna w8 for it. Glad that they bring back what's worth the name of Total War. Renaissance and all those bullets killed the original fans.

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uff i cant fcking wait!

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@Rickiej I have yet to play Napoleon: Total War, if at all ever. So, sorry, I could not answer that question. However, I would say that Shogun 2 is probably to cost quite a bit. It also happens to be the culmination of what Creative Assembly has learned so far, so it probably would be a game of higher caliber than what it has done before. Therefore, I would suggest that if you are going to buy a Total War game anytime soon, do save your money for this one.

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Not normally a fan of these games but Rome dominated my life for a good month. I look forward to this next game.