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Im glad they are pushing the time period back again. I just wasn't digging the whole guns&canons theme in Empire and Nopolean. Total War games were meant for huge armies clashing in epic sword battles.

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Better involve china and korea. fingers crossed :)

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Original Shogun was good and worthy successor to Sega Genesis China: Warring Era of Three Kingdoms (someone F'd the translation as Romance of Three Kingdoms) but do bring back road networks and warring provisions in strategic mode.

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dam i wanna play this game with my new aleinware m15x. do u think there will be rome total war2?

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There has been a couple of good ideas I've seen like a fantasy like Warhammer or Lotr specially if they had added the flying units and the magic. The Shogun 2 will be a great game and even if they did another Rome Total War. But I would also love to see them do another Empire 2 and finish the 1800's, they had a few conflicts at that time that would be pretty cool to play, the Victorian era for one, that would have a few conflicts by itself, not to mention the American Civil war among other wars incorporating pretty much most of the world during those times. I don't think that the modern eras would work with the total War series because of the formations and tactics just to mention a few. Besides I'm tired of seeing World War 2 games

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damn i need a new PC now. I wish they would make a World total war.

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Was addicted to the original Shogun, cant wait :D

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hell ye!!!

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Nice to see it exclusive to PC ^_^

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I was hoping more for a Rome 2: Total war, but I never played the original shogun (I have all the games after the original medieval:total war), and I'm hoping for the best. I suppose Europe was a bit played out anyways

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I am total war fan since Rome that is. and this just might be better. Shogun and samurai clashes? maybe even ninja? very promising indeed! I will be expecting a large scale wuxia battles, classic!

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yeah I want to crush China with Shogun 2. Conquer, Conquer them, make them slaves!

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When I head that there would be 56000 soldiers in ONE fight, I was blown away. When I played Medieval 2 as the Russians and the Timurids came and sieged me with an army of 10000 against my "huge" army of 2000, I nearly crapped myself. 56000 SOLDIERS! OMG!

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I loved Shogun 1, and can't wait for this one, but I wish they would make either an ancient China TW or a whole Asian TW, that would be so cool!

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wtf... what looks amazing? the renders? are u kidding me? how can u even try to make a decision wether or not a game is worth its money by seeing a cinematic render trailer?

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Looks amazing, I had not been impressed since Rise of Legends.

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This game looked really impressive at E3. I can't wait to play it.

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they should make a game that is all of Asia

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First Shogun was amazing. I played the campaign close to 20 times! All I have to say is Geisha assassins FTW!!! _-alohA-_

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I hope this means they are returning more to their older roots. I still play Medieval 2 because Empire was a total disappointment to me; a huge step backwards for the series. Never got to play the first Shogun but I'm excited. Another Rome: TW next I'm hoping.

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Sounds great but i say next time go for the gold; Earth, Total War. Or if thats to much ancient Greece would be another cool option to turn to. The only reason i don't think they should go more modern is because WWII would be their natural inclination but its over done. For that i'm just going to turn to RUSE.

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I still play Medieval 2

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@AloeVera4 They already did the american revolution in Empire Total War. Specifically the Road to Independance Campaign. I think the American Civil war would be cool. Especially if I could start a naval force of Northern Monitors. As for Vietnam... Not a chance. I wouldn't be interested in that in the slightest. Total War is about scale and tactics. If you were to make a Vietnam game with period tactics of that time in this gaming series, it wouldn't be total war anymore. It would be a rehash of all those other RTS's already on the market. Total Wars gameplay just doesn't really suit era's beyond Civil War and Napoleonic Wars. In other words, WWI and up is a definate no. As for Shogun 2... This is definately one of those games now on my short list of games I want to play.

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at last!!! ...cant wait to play this :D

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Shogun RULES, the best of the series, i hope they will keep the original format, it has been almost a decade since the first game... or more..

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Give me back my Legions CA, this is going to be great but I need to be at the head of a Roman army. On the edge of the Empire killing Barbarians!!!

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I wonder when they will make a total war with WW 1 and 2

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Ohayo! (hello) Always like Samurai's they are the real war mens!! nice trail too! and from the makers of Napoleon, I think this game will be the Boom ever ;)

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10 years OMG!!! but it's sooo cool!

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Looking forward !

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IT ONLY TOOK 10 YEARS!!! FINALYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Hussar83 they made 2 Medieval games and 2 expansions, then Empire and Napoleon: total war; This is long over due!!

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New Medieval would be good :D

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Tried playing shogun 1 a few days go.. almost impossible to play because the interface sucks so bad..

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oh well , milking the franchise again ? Do something different and creative ffs . First Shogun and Medieval are still the best and thank God for mods for Rome and M2TW . otoh it would be nice to have a solid game after Empire and Napoleon pos .

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Rome 2!

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after this one they should make one during the dark ages around the time the muslims almost took controle of all Frankish kingdom or they should recreate the first medieval total war

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I hope they fix diplomacy, in Empire the countries i wasnt allied with would just declare war on me after 3 or 4 turns. I think they should go back to the Rome system of diplomacy where you had to send diplomats to the leader or the capital of the country. I do think that the AI needs a few adjustments because in Empire the Cavalry and Infantry would just charge head on into my lines and would get cut down but my infantry. In fact there wasnt much strategy involved in attacking or defending against the AI.

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yeah, it's an announcement trailer. but this trailer is rubbish. they know everyone are looking forward to this. just make a good game, gamers don't want dozens of trailers and empty-plot game.

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No pre-order from me this time. Sorry CA. Every game from MTW2 on has promised amazing AI and strategy and been a complete bug festival for months after release and reality of gameplay mechanics that fell far short of the hype. If the reviews are good I'll certainly purchase. But not before, this time.

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oh my god, i love it man, i really really love it

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I would have prefered for them to go for a ROME TW 2 but this is gonna be great too. Empire was a bit of a drag in comparison the other Total Wars... but it was good. However, nothing will ever compare to the awesomeness of Rome, Medieval (2) and Shogun. That is... until Shogun 2 gets released... and then Rome 2 gets released... Medieval 3. and so on and so forth... let the super-awesome strategy games pour forth from SEGA!\ AND NO!! NO WW1, WW2 AND NO ROMANCE OF THE 3 KINGDOMS CRAP EITHER.

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i habe venn waiting for htis

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Love both Shogun1 and Sword of Samurai. Adding an upgraded version of melee and duel mini games from sword of samurai into Shogun2 would be awesome. Make it a selectable feature. If you played the melee mini game in Sword of Samurai before, you will know how good it actually matches a strategy game like Shogun.

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I agree witht he LOTR wishes. I think that's a no brainer, but we all know that the franchising costs and the pressure for excellence would be phenomenal. But it doesn't nesessarily need to be LOTR in order to work. There are infinite fantasy worlds that could be created or adapted. Bungie borrowed from lots of fantasy worlds and created the Myth games, and they were amazing to play in and the worlds were rich in story and deep in options. I know the Total War franchise has a number of key elements that form it's foundation and that a real 'Historical Context' is one of those elements, but moving briefly to a fantasy realm would be one of the biggest ways they could bring new life to the series. With all of that said, however, I am extremely excited for Shogun 2. I remember when Shogun 1 first was being talked about, and I would sit in my room looking at early screen shots in PC Gamer magazines dreaming about the epic battles that I would have. The series has come a really long ways since then, and I'm really excited to see how they approach things with new technology and experience.

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There will never be a WW1 or WW2 or any modern warfare Total War. Just think about the game dynamics. The army formation is a huge element in Total War, something that wouldnt work in modern warfare. There are also aspects such as planes which can drop troops off across the map, there are many specialisations in modern warfare - the whole thing would be a mess. Very excited for Shogun 2!

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Instant buy. No question. Shogun was Total War boiled down to it's pure base ingredients. It was Total War crack. Cannot wait one more day.

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Looks quite interesting, but `i'll have to wait for some screenshots first. About what kazzgamble said, neither am I surprised nor disappointed by the fact Creative Assembly hasn't released a Modern: Total War game yet and I doubt it ever will because if it does the whole game design will be different. Simpler diplomacy, no princesses, no formations,airplanes, a dozen unit special abilities. It'll be hard and costly. However, if they do release a more modern game, it'll probably be a WWI: Total War or something similar.

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i hope they made Romance of Three Kingdoms : Total War some day

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Man, I hope this is awesome. Judging from this trailer, it looks like it will be. :D