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how come this is a low score? This is a great game....I love the anime and manga aswell...so I think this is more leaning towards the anime....oh for someone thinking why they running towards to gun instead of attacking from other place...that's because it's 'bushido'..

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Some company needs to take this genre and give it a complete overhaul. making it actually challenging and worthwhile to take over strategic points.

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@kill-zone_99 go to u-tube n try to find mistsurgi's ending from the original soulcalibur/soulblade (i forget which) best explanation of this you'll ever find

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But the dumb part of this scene is how the just run straight into people firing guns at them. I mean they could of just sneaked in from different places but noooo... Just run into gunfire, yea that makes sense... -_-

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Gamespot proberbly underestameted yet another game :P