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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice How To Beat The Chained Ogre

Here's a quick guide video to help you with the Chained Ogre mini boss in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Most of the battles in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are tough, but one early speed bump in the first few hours of the game is the battle against the Chained Ogre. This mid-boss is different from other enemies, thanks to its berserker-like nature. Adorned with huge strength and red eyes, the Ogre can wallop you in a hurry, and doesn't flinch when you strike back with your sword.

Luckily, you have a few advantages against the Chained Ogre. Your Shinobi Prosthetic grappling hook can help you swing away from danger or close the gap to slash away at the Ogre. You can also manage a backstab on the mid-boss if you're quick or careful. And there's one big advantage you can get over the Chained Ogre--the Flame Vent prosthetic, which you can use our guide to find.

Check out the video above for a look at the best way to take down the Chained Ogre. We've also got more details in our written Chained Ogre guide.

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Avatar image for Barzenak42

I found jumping often helped compared to side stepping this dude.

Esp with that forward rush grab technique he uses.

Avatar image for greaseman1985

Stupid typical weird japanese game stuck 30 years in the past where you have to memorize the enemy's cheap moves and time your moves to the microsecond to be able to do anything, and you have to repeat it 50 successful times in a row to beat it. Western games have left these garbage games in the dust.

Avatar image for dynamotnt

looks like a good game, but unfortunately I know better the mechanics are awful. and I HATE parry. If I have to Parry 1 damn boss just to kill it this game can forever stay on the shop shelves collecting dust.

Avatar image for Epak_

Ran behind a fence and slashed him from there, took some time, but lol it was worth it.

Avatar image for btotheotothejtothef

This bastard has the cheapest grab attacks ive seen in a fromsoft game. The animation makes it look like you can dodge behind or beside the grab but he'll just grab you anyway even though it's hands aren't even touching you. The animation is just off