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Not a bad game so far...

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@megamanredsun4 all part of the storyline my friend.

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This guy doesnt know what he is doing.

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Sonic: "Why The Hell am I in a car?" Here I thought Sega learned their lesson From Sonic Drift

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It would of been funny if every other character needed a car except Sonic. Would of been interesting.

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I hope this is good, I love Mario Kart Wii but I want something similar with sharper visuals so that 4 player local is actually playable. What it basically needs is: 1. Great track design and selection 2. Even gameplay i.e. better weapons for those at the back whilst still being fair to better drivers 3. Tight controls 4. Great online play 5. 60fps all the time I guess I can dream, I don't really expect it to have any of the above.

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Let's hope it's better than Sega Super Stars Tennis! That was a HUGE let down.

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Looks like it's gonna fun, 200 times better than Mario Carts.

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I wonder if the DS version is going to be like Mario Kart DS. Time will tell!

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I hope those graphics are going to be in the wii version.

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so, can you tell us anything about the game, 'nooooo' ..........

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Haha that dude REALLY doesn't like Homer!!!

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why the hell would sonic need a car to ride?!? O_O

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lol @ 1:13 - 1:18 We have Tails? Duhhh.. I can't confirm it :S (tails' plane flies behind him on the screen) I hate these PR guys...

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I like hwne he said that he couldn't confirm tails in the game and it showed him on the screen in the background.

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looks kool

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Look forward to this. Hoping for a Jet Set Radio stage.

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It'll probably get a pretty bad score - But I'm still looking forward to it!

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