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ahhhh where was Uncharted 4?

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battlefield harline

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Can somebody tell me why No Man's Sky is getting so much hype? Every gameplay video I've seen is just flying around the galaxy. I'm telling ya'll right now you guys so lower you expectations so this game doesn't end up being like another Watch Dogs and Destiny.

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@scumbagfazzy I'm with you as are some others I've seen in comments, although I think we're a minority, maybe we're just stupid and can't see it? :)

Seriously though, a lot of it sounds cool but I keep saying I believe the hype is not justified given how little we know about the game. I think it's mostly the indie-vibe and stylized look that have propelled it so high.

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Pillars of Eternity

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lol asscreed victory

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Assassins Creed Victory!!! lol no.

But seriously I would add Axiom Verge to this list of fine games.

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Dying Light should be on that list too. A 4 player parkour zombie first person shooter with a 50 hour open world playthrough! Worth $60 bucks.

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Wiitcher 3 is pretty much the only one I care about among these. Nice, funny video. Well done.

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No RTS on sight, only that game with silly name Green Goo or Grey was it. What happened with last chapter of Starcraft 2? and yeah MGSV is my most anticipated game of 2015

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Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Far Cry 5

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I just Love chriss

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Heavy drinkers could use "open world" as their cue and get good and sloshed here.

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Most of these were also on last year's most anticipated games of 2014 list.

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ugh... seems like its not gonna be a great year for me -_- Only games I'm looking forward to are Cyberpunk and the new Mass effect. Yeah, probably 2016 :/

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so many games they missed out.

What about Dead island 2, residents evil rev 2.

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@depman1972 shut up and go home?!

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@lordshifu @depman1972 classy

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It's never next gen until MGS arrives. One of the very few series I still even care about.

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Hyper light drifter, MKX, Helldiver, axiom verge.

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Gears 4

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@HippyTrippy yeah yeah , Mass effect 4 , Deus ex , hitman , Cyberpunk 2077 ... NOT 2015 dude !

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Now that we sit at the end of the year, 2014 was a TERRIBLE year for games, but seemingly a terrific one for movies. Guardians, 22 jump, Edge of Tomorrow, X-men sequel that didn't suck, (north american release of) Snowpiercer, and more fantastic movies.

Really too bad gaming dropped the ball, i expect next year to be a bit better with games, most anticipated by far (and this is someone who has Witcher 3 and Batman preordered) is MGSV. I can't express how hype I am now that the PC version of GZ is out and the port DOESN'T SUCK! OMG!

Also, no love for Xenoblade X? i am more exited for that on my Wii U than the new Zelda even. C'mon guuuuys. Also Majora's Mask remake, i guess that isn't too exiting because it is a remake.... but MAJORA'S MASK REMAKE! fiiiiiiinally.

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Bravo and slow clap for the S-streak.

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2015 is going to be a lot of fun.

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I found 2014 kind of underwhelming. No man's sky is my most anticipated.

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legend of Zelda wii u and star fox.

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MORTAL KOMBAT X ! You forgot one of the best.

For me it would be MK X, Batman, GTA V on PC+mods and MGS V. Others mentioned in the vid are cool and there are many other and even better games due to come out in 2015, but these I look forward to the most.

Also I look forward for the day Gamespot changes/fixes their buggy video player.

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I feel like us RPG gamers are being left out in the cold this coming year. Again. *sad face* Zelda alone a good year does not make.

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@mbiogirl Xenoblade Chronicles:X

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@mbiogirl The Witcher 3?

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@mbiogirl shouldn't it be "a good year zelda alone does not make"?

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For me, nothing else tops Arkham Knight. I'm a huge comic book nerd and the Batman games (minus Origins) have been some of the best superhero game adaptations of all time. Unquestionably the best Batman games. It's the game that made me question whether to get a PS4 or a gaming rig. And given that I'm typing this from my new gaming rig, I'm now ready for Gotham again.

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No Xenoblade Chronicles X. Smdh, lol.

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So much this. Didn't KVO love the hell out of XC?

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No No No , My Anticipated games are Cod and ACVI !!!!! Lamespot ..............

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Damn you games!!!!! There's too many!!!

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Just Witcher 3 for me thanks. Don't screw this up CD Projekt.

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MGSV and TW3. period

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@chris120379 and batman for me.

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Who did the narration? It was cool, but it was way to fast and hard to understand some parts.

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Who was narrating? Good job sir!

Batman Arkham Knight!

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Beautiful video

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Witcher 3. Enough said.

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@Sanligo cyberpunk n i feel like i still got more to say :)

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Very fine writing! I never expected to laugh my way through the most anticipated games of 2015. But I did.

Bravo, sir. Bravo!

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This video, I like it. ANOTHER!

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Vast majority multiplats...which is what I'd expect tbh.

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