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ur a genius danny!

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Sooo... No more "Escapes" huh...

I like this show too...

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@BSEE10 Nah Escape will be back, just taking a little break to highlight some lesser known games :)

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You can play hide and seek by yourself... if your hiding. Try to lose at that.

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I used to tell people about JFK Remix and they didnt believe it could exist, and if u think about it its hard enough doing it on the game let alone in real life....Raises too many questions, cant believe its still available

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Can´t see the subscribe button...xD

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LOL Johny's laugh!

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"your winning when u get ur balls wet" -genius

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@paul_d_ybt totally lol

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AWESOME!!! Danny's shows are always awesome.. Guess its the accent ;D