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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Lmao @ Francis. Funny guy and a true gamer. He has his own Youtube page. Check out the video where he throws his 360 in the street and smashes it while his neighbors are watching. Not sure what happened but it was looool. If Francis had his own show on Gamespot, I would pay to watch it. Hilarious stuff.

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The raging guy is boogie2988, and "Francis" is just his fake parody character that he does for Youtube videos.

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:lol: That guy raving over ME3 ending is the spit of Eric Cartman :P

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oh..and yeah.. he is facking it! hes not that crazy

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raging guy's name is boogie2988..

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Where are the links to the original works?

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Love this show carlos, keep up the good work.

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I agree it was a bit short. About the guy going nuts for ME3, doesn't he remind you of a Volus? A crazy one to be more precise.

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Bit too short :(

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@Mulcher_Master @darkassassin911 You can blame the Internet for that. ;) Also, note that the Screen Tear show is actually more prominent on GameSpot's YouTube channel than GameSpot's own official site.

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Okay...Screen Tear is just getting weird lately.

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This show is starting to turn into a stupid show that exploits sex to attract more viewers. Shame....

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oh yea i love this show and im the first one to say that i love this show