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Scorn Everything To Know

Scorn is an upcoming first person survival horror game by Ebb Software that takes visual inspiration from the likes of H. R. Giger and Zdizislaw Beksinski. The game releases soon, so - here is Everything You Need to Know About Scorn.

Scorn is focused on environmental storytelling with a slower, more methodical gameplay approach. According to the team, there are no cut-scenes, and every bit of storytelling happens in-game.

The area you’ll be traveling is a techno-organic hellscape, where the technology of the world fuses with organic masses, including your own. It’s structured like a dungeon, and intended to be maze-like. From what we’ve seen so far, much of your time running through this labyrinth will be spent avoiding enemies, while finding organic parts of the world in order to help you progress.

Scorn will be released this Friday, October 14, 2022. Scorn releases for PC on platforms like Steam, Epic, and GOG, and will also be available for XBox Series X/S and Game Pass. So, if you have Game Pass, this might be the perfect way to spend Halloween.