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Samurai Gunn 2 - 13 Minutes Of Gameplay | PAX West 2018

Samurai Gunn 2 was announced for Nintendo Switch, and we got to play a bunch of the game at Nintendo's PAX West 2018 event. Check out 13 minutes of samurai swords, guns, and air dashes right here.

One of the surprises in Nintendo's lineup of upcoming third party games is Samurai Gunn 2, a multiplayer-focused 2D action game with a retro aesthetic. It's a follow up to the original game that released for PC in 2013, and pitted up to four players against each other in single-screen combat arenas in a deathmatch. The sequel refines the controls, adds a few new features, and sports some new artwork to bring its characters to life.

We played a handful of matches in Samurai Gunn 2 during Nintendo's showcase at PAX West 2018 and you can watch the game in action in the video above. Aside from running, jumping, and slashing, players have three gunshots or dashes per life. You can slash upward or downward, but note that swinging your sword carries momentum which will affect your jumps. Each combat arena has unique conditions such as deadly spikes, sticky walls, or puddles that'll jam your gun.

A digital graphic novel by French artist Valentin Seiche will also be included, which give characters some backstory. Samurai Gunn 2 is fast and hectic, and it's set to hit the Nintendo Switch in early 2019.