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So far for some "serious" gaming...

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It made me giggle.

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lols those trailer bought me

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That changed my life,

now i have to change my pants

(i hope shaundi and the president goddamn **** and get it over with this game, its all im waitng for.

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Feels like the Hot Shots movies, but for games xD

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1:35 reminds me of ME2

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You are right every time I play saints row the third I hoped there would be more of it and here it is with more than I would ever imagined.....SUPER POWERS is more than I imagined

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YEAH!. volition unbelievably know how to surpass the limits of an already open ended world.

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HAHA I can't wait to play this in coop! Does anyone know if Troy Baker is making a return as the protagonists voice? I don't think it's him but i'm not positive.

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The Trailer is epic...well, hilariously epic with the leader being naked through almost the whole trailer, especially Keith David returning his voice as Julius...I mean his actual self,

and I bet that is Eliza Dusuku's Voice as The Saints Row 2 Shaundi but wait,

What about Oleg, Zimos, Angel and Viola are they gonna be in the game too

but at least Big Ben King has returned since part 1.

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That dramatic music certainly accentuates punching a guy in the junk whilst naked.

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LMFAO when he said benjamin mother*******king n y does pierce look stupid?

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I need this game

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I've somewhat changed my opinion on this after watching this but honestly I hope this does NOT take place in Steelport, and if it it does please add in a different city to play to make the game longer cause I felt like SR3 was short...

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@Zestycheeze From what i've read, the game does take place in Steelport. (But as a simulation, and has retro changes as well as Washington hotspots and inspirations.)

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hope they keep the cockney voice!

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Looks awesome. I love the over-the-top ridiculousness.

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I don't understand why so many people are hating on this game. It may look like the 3rd, but gameplay mechanics will be completely different with the super powers. Also I think the story looks hilarious. None of the completely uninteresting stuff GTA has been doing.

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I hope i'l enjoy with it like with 3rd :)

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To those deciding between this game and GTAV... Don't kid yourselves, they're not even the same type anymore (when I look at this game I see a comedy Prototype 3 or something...)

My advice... Get both! I know I am...

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This'll be a bargain bin buy if a buy at all......

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glad to see Kinzie and SR2 Shaundi are back, this is going to be the sexiest SR in the series..... so far

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The **** no GAT !

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@marius068 He'll make an appearance somewhere. There is no way they are going to keep him out of the game.

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@Dysantic @marius068 Keep your fingers crossed