Saints Row IV - In-Game Walkthrough

Senior Producer Jim Boone from Volition will show you how the leader of the Saints encounters the alien overlord Zinyak for the first time and how he deals with an alien invasion in the White House - Saints Row style.

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great game

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tigers don't eat apples therefore this game sucks.

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looks like too much with the previous one. it seems the same saints row third recycled

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A lot of the movement superpowers look a lot like those from Prototype...

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I just like the superpower and anything else in this game for me looks bad i think it's for children and the children gonna enjoy this game

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@7imgamer For children? Are you nuts man?

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this already looks more fun than deadpool. defo preordering, defo

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The prologue features the single greatest use of Aerosmith in a game.

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when i saw him jump racing to hit the ground i kept thinking "thats gonna make a big hole" and of course no damage to the ground was done.

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@grin89 This is a video game. You can't do anything GROUNDBREAKING here! I...I apologize. :(

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This game is a prime example of the shit people will eat off the ground these days and call it gold. It's pathetic really. No wonder so many game series are going to hell, everyone bends over and accepts whats given to them.

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@dom28 This saints row is even more stupid then the last. did not know that was possible.

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@flexthewolf @dom28

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@dom28 I used to think like you then i got pass that and enjoy the hell out of SR3. I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy this too. It's just pure fun. No need to take everything so seriously.

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Who cares about graphics, the gameplay looks awesome as always.

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They ripped off so many games ive lost count but mostly inFamous and Crackdown.

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@AggrandizedUser It was a DLC but then they turned it into this..... yeah wtf.

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SR1 was awesome SR2 was awesome SR3 was awesome and this will also be fuki2##$ awesome what the hell should i want another serious game? that is WHY i also love GTA i dont want a motherfu#@$ clone!!! that is why there are "300 CODs" clones out there....i like new ideas that worked for SR3 why wont work for this one? some people are just trying to join the "hate boat" i not trying to change your opinion this WILL be a silly because it is a "humour game" THIS IS the objetive so of course it is ridiculous they dint continue with the SR2 formula because SR3 sold more everyone knows that....if you liked SR2 you can just go and play it it is not like someone is holding you

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@dragonkantus Exactly! its supposed to be fun and different

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Prototype, in a clumsy way XD

The laser sword looked pretty sick!

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The president has to stop the aliens and save the babes: same story as Duke Nukem Forever

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Poor Saint's Row. You used to be such a cool game.

I guess I'll never get to hunt Dex down.

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Loved SR3, I hope this game comes out good. Looks stupid but so did SR3 and I'm lovin it on PS+.

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Saints row games have such terrible graphics.

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Oh my god, this looks shit. What the hell? X_X

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@DanteReal69 OKAY

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I really like the premise, SR3's idea of taking the gang aspect and making it over the top was terrible, but this walkthrough makes me quite worried. QTEs and constant cutscenes? Alright if it's just the intro. But the dark streets full of hostile aliens? I really hope it doesn't turn out like Crackdown 2, as I really hated how there were enemies everywhere and very little traffic or civilians.

Considering Saints Row's crazyness I would have liked to see multiple "gangs" still make an appearance. One part of the city is controlled by humans, and their territory is guarded by war mongering soldiers complete with The Hulk. Within the area humans act like nothing was wrong. The other gangs could be rivaling aliens from these baldies to Aliens-like monsters to Sith-like evil empires.

Anyway SR2 was a fun Joker simulator. I hope SR4 will be a fun corrupt Superman simulator.

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum Seeing how this was meant as a singl epiece of DLC you can bet all it will be is you vs Aliens.

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum STOP that SR2 propaganda already! SR2 was POOR in sales! The rate of that game was LOW, I had played SR2 for like 2 hours and uninstalled, that game was boring, SR3 on the other hand was one of the funniest games that I have ever played, SR3 is hilarious to play in coop with friends.

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I take it you never played Blood Dragon then.

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This franchise has taken a nose dive...

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looks prototypish if u know what i mean :P

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Yep seeing how they completely lifted the animations right out of that game.

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I'am going to make a cool black president

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@onesolostar I see what you did there.

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It's been alot of white house attack themes going on first with movies like white house down and olympus has fallen and now saints row 4 mmm??

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Only in fuckin' America...

I could never imagine Japanese developers even considering some shit like this. Love it.

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@lilcurt1978 @ksaittis its more similar to prototype 2. it has the same minigames as prototype 1 and uses graphics and character movement of prototype 2. I am willing to bet that there some location identical to prototype 2.

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@ksaittis @lilcurt1978 This game is a replica of Pacman, just in HD.

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this game is so... American 0_o

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I watched this video last night and its even more over the top than Saints Row The Third. I won't pick the Fourth up for a bit because I just got the Third for free with PS+

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I like open-world sandbox games as much as the next guy, but this game is all over the place. It looks more ridiculous than fun.

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@docwoo I can see this getting very boring, very quickly. Taking over Steelport in SR3 was a brilliant feeling. Having to take over a virtual version of it again just feels cheap. Knowing Volition's stance against used games you'd think they'd make every effort to give a new playground to go with these powers but, no.

There's no reason to buy this when I can get Watch Dogs.

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@dogbert784 @docwoo Or Dark Souls 2.

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This game might become proof that it's possible to ruin a sandbox game by offering too much "sandbox".

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Who remembers when saints row was a good GTA knockoff. Then it just got ridiculous with saints row 3 falling through airplanes fight scenes and aliens.. Thumbs down

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@kgallis21 Yep. We'll never get to hunt down Dex.

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@kgallis21 totally agreee

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lame row...