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...............you know what japs have some of the best games it suck almost all of them are not released in english

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seriously wish this and the psp yakuza game made it to the states...but they didn't....oh and i REALLY wish they didn't take some of the mini games and such out of the US versions of 1,2,and 3

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This fighting game is best like rise to honor jetli game.

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2 year old trailers = bad

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Great game

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I agree with Oozaru_kakkarot. the original japanese voice acting with english subtitles is better for your ears then anything english voice acting could get you. The only consistently excelent voices in yakuza 1 were nishiki and majima, so that is 2 out of a cast of dozens.

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Spinoff prequil to the Yakuza game series...trust me after playing yakuza 1 and 2, I wish they had never released an english version of yakuza 1...the voice actors are decent at best...only a few stand out...Yakuza 2 keeps it japanese with subs...works for me but what realy stands out are how good most of the japanese vioce actors are...

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english pls

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Hope to hav a english version

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