Rogue Legacy - Random Encounter

Danny O'Dwyer takes on this rogue-like adventure game full force. Watch as he dies, and is avenged by his legacy of children (that he probably didn't know about) - Join us in the chat and explore with him.

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Random Encounter
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enjoying these! great to watch during diner! - watching the ThemePark episode made me remember Stunt Island (from Disney Interactive!) which I used to play a ton of around that same time, might be nice for a future episode..?

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Unless Richard Sherman is paying you to say that Danny, you can come up with a better line, but I can't help but laugh each time you say it

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@35:37 "I'm getting less terrible at this I'm sure". Pretty much what I think about life every morning. Game looks good, will check it out at some point.

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has danny done a random encounter of deus ex yet?

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I love this game, so endlessly fun to pick up and play. Probably my favorite indie game of 2013.

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This was probably the best Roguelike I have ever played. It is fantastic

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Rogue Legacy. Great game. Very addictive.

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Is it out yet for vita? If not, when?

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Love ya, Danny, but that catchphrase isn't working.

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still doing random encounter then..

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Definitely one of the best games I've played in a while.

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One of the must have games.