Road Rash Returns And It's Called Road Redemption - E3 2017

Time to pick up your tire iron and hit the road. Road Redemption has been out on early access for a while now, but as the game nears completion we wanted to take another look at the gory racer.

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The 3DO version will always be the greatest.

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Id rather if you werent killing people, noone died in the old one and no guns or swords.

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I already own this game for quite some time, but they need to plan the career mode better. once you die you have to start everything again, that is not very nice.

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I care not what the cost is, I'm buying DAY 1 !!!!!! One of the best couch coop games EVER!

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I couldn't play this on amiga 500. It was slow.

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mean machine! mean machine! Road Rash 64! loved it.

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It's coming together nicely

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Do you instantly recover from being knocked off your bike, or was that merely an edit around the 11:45 mark? The helpless feeling of jogging over to your bike and losing time was a big point of tension in Road Rash.

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@youre_a_sheep: You ragdoll off and you lose some time

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Grew up with Road Rash. Best Soundtrack

RIP Chris Cornell of soundgarden