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This game looks great, missed it first time round so I'll definitely pick it up with my X.

Also if you cant see the point of the X or even struggle to see the difference in the games, then it isn't for you and that's not a bad thing. Everyone has different priorities in life and mine is finally having something that's going to get the most out of my 4K TV!

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It's looked this good on PC for like 2 years. Oh well. Why does there need to be console competition? Have one platform, Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo make games for it and that's how you get your revenue.

All the different consoles are only sold because of the exclusive games that they have, nobody really cares about graphics (although all the fanboys seem to act like they do). Microsoft lost this gen because of bad PR and bad exclusive games, PERIOD.

The industry would be so much better if there were no consoles, you just get a PC. They could have (they already have steam machines) premade plug and play PCs that are just like the current consoles. They would never have to scale down the graphics developed for different systems, everything would just be a PC game and the competition would just come from whether you can make a good game or not. The irony is the competition already is: who can make the best games? It is just locked behind an arbitrary hardware wall.

I don't really care about them having their own hardware, but to lock games behind it hurts everyone. It hurts developer sales, it hurts consumers because they have to buy your system just to play the game they want. One game or 5 games are not worth the investment into a console, it just isn't. I would rather not experience it, and that's a shame.

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@Bryjoered07: "The industry would be so much better if there were no consoles, you just get a PC. They would never have to scale down the graphics developed for different systems, everything would just be a PC game"

That's the main problem imo. The consoles as they are now are essentially just computer systems and becoming even more so, but they continue to use dated "proprietary" cpus while paired with generic hard drives and gpus.

Just go all-in on the same hardware PC gamers use, but keep the Xbox branding, physical console piece, custom OS and call it a day. PC gamers can continue to tinker and upgrade, and console players can be on what will soon essentially be the closed phone system of upgrading every couple of years.

No need to get rid of competition, branding, or console exclusives though.

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@Bryjoered07: If you don't understand why having variety and competition is essential to development and success. You should reevaluate that thought process and start over.

Can't help but read this and get triggered. Dude if all games were on one platform, then devs would sell even less games, because the competition would be extremely stiff on that one platform. Like it is now for PC and Mobile. At least with consoles devs have a targeted audience to focus on and know they have better chances of sales with that targeted audience instead of throwing their game into the great deep end of endless games to compete with on the PC platform.

Basically a platform with 1,000 games on it, you have a better chance selling your game on that than a platform with 10,000 games on it. Simple math really.

In all reality, console gaming is the reason gaming is a huge success. It gives a smaller targeted audience for big time devs to maximize their profits in return giving us bigger and more ambitious games.

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@legendaryh1tman: Sure, but it is also simple math that if every game was on multiplatform it would sell more copies. A game like Bloodborne, would sell MILLIONS more if it was multiplat, that is better for the developers. The only companies exclusives help are Sony and Microsoft, it doesn't help the developers at all if revenue is their concern.

Sony keeps developers like Naughty Dog fat and healthy, but they would probably be better off developing multiplatform games.

Consoles were created before PCs were as good as they are now. Just five years ago, PCs were a hassle in the living room, now it's just as easy as consoles. Developers make the most money making their game available to the biggest pool of people, in general.

I mean how can you say PC is bad for developers? It is pretty much the only platform indie developers and small studios can break into. Games like PuBG, DOTA, Minecraft, and CSGO all had their humble beginnings on the PC and look where they are now. Do you think a game like Divinity Original Sin would be created if PC wasn't around?

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@Bryjoered07: I agree partly but I also disagree. Exclusive games due to their rare exclusivity gives devs the chance to fully optimize the game for one platform. It also gives the games a huge boost in awareness because of it being exclusive. Thus helping it sell well. Like TITANFALL for example sold extremely well when exclusive, now look at it. Sold less even though its on 4 platforms now. Halo also sold extremely well with individual entries. Alot of HALO games sold better than Destiny which launched on 4 platforms. Even if HALO was on PS2 it would of sold like shit on PS2 because of how weak the hardware was. PS2 owners would of not got the proper experience. It also would of ran into the parity problem which all multiplats now have.

Back then 2 gens ago alot of games didn't have parity. Like the Ubisoft games for example. PS2 versions were shit and sold best on Xbox because it took advantage of the hardware with out worrying about parity.

Anyway a game being exclusive gives people a reason to buy a certain platform and gives the game a huge fan base if great. I mean Nintendo lives off this model.

Take away competition, you take away choice, and you give power to the one that is in control of all. ***Absolute power breeds absolute corruption***. Nobody wants that. Lets say Microsoft shuts down SONY and all games are only on Microsoft Xbox. Then Microsoft can pretty much dictate what they want. Or SONY shuts down Microsoft. Then SONY can do what it wants. You want new features, well **** that. No reason to cater to you since everybody is buying just one console. For the company in charge there is no fear of huge backlash and they will dictate to you how they want. Monopoly. Nobody wants that? Do you?

Competition breeds excellence. The drive to be better than the other is what drives success. That is life. So having companies compete against each other makes them better. By offering new and exciting ways for us to enjoy gaming. Yeah there may be bad practices in between but the bigger reward is knowing that they are competing for our wallet and that is what gives the consumer power over the money hungry companies.

We wouldn't have half the features these consoles have today if they didn't try to compete and improve their platform. And what they take from each other helps improve their perspective platforms thus giving birth to more innovation.

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Untill now i conquered the world and it was all foggy and blurry...the XbX will finally open my eyes and show me the beauty of the world we live in

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@sladakrobot: I cringed so much at this comment.

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I haven't had an xbox since OG so I pre-ordered mine. My gf's mum works for tesco so I managed to get staff discount and vouchers. X1 x + MCC + Forza 7 for £410, not bad :)

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still not worth the upgrade esp of a 2 year old game

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@robbiejones: You're warranted to have an opinion. But I disagree, its more than enough. When viewing these games with their enhancements it's almost night and day how much more clarity and graphical fidelity they have over the base consoles. Then take into consideration the amount of upgrade you get for other task such as 4k media, UHD Blu Ray, 4k DVR 60fps, 4k 60fps Streaming. This console upgrade is certainly a step above the rest.

Not to mention if you bought two consoles like me, Over all I spent $1,000 on consoles. If I spent $1,000 in 2013 on a PC, no way in hell it could match the Xbox One X today with out an ugrade in addition to0. Hell most would of been lucky to get just a TITAN around that price in 2013. Maybe a decent rig with a 980 in it but as we can see now you need a little more than a 980 to match what the 1X is doing.

So for those on console looking to get a hell of a bump up in power, resolution clarity, and just superb features for a console entry level price. They might want to consider getting this console. Just waiting for mine to hit the door step. And enjoy what ever you enjoy.

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Everyones talking about power but that's not always an important factor. Remember when the wii came out and dominated everyone with a handicapp.

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@martintule24: yeah because it was a "next gen" console that sold for half the price the others did

and when all the misinformed realised it wouldn't play CoD they bought the other machines (look at the Wiis software sales excluding the Wii sports game because its sale figures are warped because every console included a copy)

and look at the WiiU sales, the Wii burnt a lot of people and the WiiU suffered by sharing its name

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Oh no, an Xbox One X article. Brace yourselves!

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xbox one x is gonna be the go to console for multiplatform console games. those are games that people play the most.

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@HenrySix: xbox1 was allrdy for me, imo xb1 controllers much better (pinky and ring finger start to cramp because ps4's is to small and they hang off the edge of the controller) 2: sonys not been very good with BC while micosoft has been, and has shown in multiply gens they will support it even if they need to make somall dev teams to make games BC. tho atm micosoft need permision to makes games BC, they wanted to make dragons dogma BC but instead we get a overpriced "HD" re-release of a old game. has happened with several games so far. pretty much if a game is turned down for BC by the studio, they are gonna try to cash in on a overpriced HD release. 3: i get to keep my free digital games each month

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That moment when the footage is probably in 4K (or even 1080p since my monitor maxes at that) but the buffering is so bad that the auto detection sets the quality at 480p...

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@Lord_Sesshy: LMAO, I was thinking the exact same thing.

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@akassassin11: If you don't have a 4k tv, i would say just get the switch to go with your current tv. I have a ps4 pro but only on a 1080p/no hdr screen as well. I'm getting the super Mario odyssey switch bundle this month for the variety of different games and experiences they will offer.

I got a gaming pc this summer and I love the experience, is that an option within your budget? I was going to get a 4k tv before that but I wanted to have more access to a bigger library/performance and got a pc. I have the original xbox one as well but I don't play it that due to the pc and lack of exclusives.

I would say go with the switch first, Tv later, then a xbox one x next black friday after they build up the library and give you some games/controllers with a bundle. Thank you for reading.

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@akassassin11: With Sony’s First Party Studios Exclusives coming up in the next 2 years and Spider-Man Early 2018 i’d easily go with the PS4 Pro. Maybe this holiday it’ll be discounted $50.

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@akassassin11: People always say "lack of games" but I seriously don't get what they mean. I have both a X1 and PS4 and my PS4 just sits there 99% of the time. And even though I play more on Xbox I still have a huge list of backlog games. Yes PS has some good exclusives but if they aren't games that you like then it's pointless. As for multiplatform games, it's like you said, just play on the system that fits you best or more of your friends play on.

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@akassassin11: trade in your ps4 for ps4 pro , you will get enhanced 1080p. xbox one x isn't worth it because there isn't any new titles for xbox right now that are entirely worth it while ps4 continues to get great exclusives and has a larger library of third party titles. it is not always about power it is mostly about variety and ps4 has that over xbox anyday unbiased opinion. I have pc xbox one s ps4 pro wii u and I can say ps4 and pc are the best overall in terms of support.

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@rarerichz: I can't believe you said Xbox isn't worth it when its not even out and we don't know it's exact capabilities.

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@akassassin11: eh well heres my 'unbiased' opinion anyway, short and sweet. XBX has something called supersampling which I dont think PS4 Pro has atm. It means in essence even though your on a 1080p your picture will still be improved. It's not an opinion it's a fact, /cheers

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@akassassin11: lol ok, you had me :p

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@Dogmatic923: it has it for certain games

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This almost looks as good as UC4/Lost legacy. C'mon MS we need a high demanding exclusive title that will really take advantage of that hardware. Wasting all that extra muscle on resolution and slightly better sharers wont look that different sitting 12' from my television. I sold my OG XB1 and never purchased the S so I will be buying the X to have that nice ultra HD BP. You got the power advantage back like in previous gen's but bring the games like you did back in the early XB360 days. At this point 4 yrs in you're getting destroyed in the 1st/3rd party exclusives. Even switch released more games this yr and its not even a full yr for them.

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@pcps4xb: uncharted is so damn overrated. Technically speaking, it’s nice, but the climbing up and down is so boring.

Everyone has different tastes, people need to figure out for themselves what best suites them. Watch some gameplay videos.

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@juiceid: that's your opinion but its ok. Not every game is for everyone. I appreciate the climbing and the jumping....a change of pace from all the shoot shot shoot shoot games.

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@pcps4xb: You know, i've never totally understood this argument that if you own an XB, you'll have no games to play. Currently, I'm a XB only gamer with 200 plus games in my collection. With STILL more games I want to buy but need to wait. Ya I get the break down of how this argument went, that all multiplates were better on PS4, and if you'd owned a PS4 you'd only be buying the XB for Gears, Forza and Halo, which many calculated not worth the investment, thus many people invested all their multiplates into the PS4.

It now almost feels like a bait n' switch. You PS players enticed the world to invest all multiplates into the PS4 because of better performance, and only to have MS a few years later have XB turn around and upgrade a lot of those games to run better on XBX now. I get it, PS players are gut renched inside. I mean I'm sure some of you have thousands invested into your gaming collections with just multiplats alone, because at the time it was the logical thing to do.

For me however, just a lem, my faith has been rewarded. I have thousands invested in games that will be getting upgraded right off the bat. However, guys like you with all your games on the PS4, it's not practical to go back rebuy all those games on XB. There are many games I get to go back and play the enhanced verison for free.

We've reach a monumental point where the paradigm has shifted. It's now smarter to buy multiplates on XB, AANNNNDD it's also RETROACTIVE. So ya, cows have a good reason to be salty, and i don't blam them really. Had i'd went with the flow of popular opinion i'd feel the despair no doubt.

Nevertheless, i'll aggree MS needs to double down and make a varity of exclusive games if they want to bring in the masses. However, true fans of MS are going to see more value in the XBX then anyone else making the switch over because our already existing library is getting free enhancements. It will soon become a reality that multiplates are better on XBX retroactively as well as in the future and the exclusives are the icing on the cake.

All I can say is I've never been so pround to be an Americ....I mean a MS fan /cheers

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@Dogmatic923: anyone who says there is nothing to play on any console is just a flat out liar. I love and enjoy all consoles/platforms, and I would like to see MS deliver like they used to back in the early 360 days. These days I don't choose what version multiplat to play based on higher resolution. With so many 3rd party deals, I choose the version with more content. I purchased an OG XB1 around launch for $500 and sold it last holiday season. So I would love for MS to step up their game in the 1st/3rd party exclusives like back in the days so I can justify and go ahead and buy the new X.

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Hey man, I've always been a pc/playstation gamer, I have a PS4 and won't buy a pro.. just not worth it. here's my advice.

Get an X1, if you haven't had an xbox before, or not in a long while, the library of games simply outweighs everything else right now. Og, 360 and X1.

the pro is only worth it, if you spend allot of time on something like, VR, BF1, Pcars 2? anything where the frame rate is strained on the Standard ps4. But ultimately Skipping the pro for the next playstation would be best.

Switch I wouldn't get, ever.. zelda is great sure, so is metroid. but mario sucks as do most nintendo games imo.

Or get a sick gaming PC. play zelda botw on it with Wii U emulator. Play Xbox games in true hi resolution.

Im stuck on 1080p TV but I've ordered an X, they render in 4k and downscale, you'll get improved performance and much nicer graphics. But mainly for Metro Exodus and Anthem I want them running at 4k 60. Hopefully I'll have a 4k TV then.

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@akassassin11: Dude just buy a ps4 already Xbox is a mp focused console and PlayStation sp so they won't ever have the same type of exclusives.

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@akassassin11: Well power aint everything if it was then i'd probably been into PS4. I just preferred the XB experience as a whole more than the PS4. There has been some rough patches along the way but in this case with the XBX I have more reasons then say a PS4 player to be hyped.

My comments weren't really directed towards people like you who are on the fence anyway. It more so in the context of a diatribe against the MS haters this site attracts. And I'm not a MS sales rep so idc what you buy. I hope you get what suits you, good luck bro.

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@pcps4xb: You can always take always play Halo in 2004

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I’d be interest in seeing a side by side of the pro on a 4K tv, as I can’t see any real difference in this video

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@rodoxthedark: Come Nov 7 you will see plenty of side by side comparisons and from what I'm seeing now the differences will be stark.

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@rodoxthedark: the difference is there but it will be like the og ps4 and XB1 where you would need a side by side visual to see the difference I'm waiting for a new game like gears or halo to really take advantage of the hardware (crackdown, state of decay and sea lf thieves doesnt look to do that).

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it's 2017 almost 2018... how about you support 4k... or at least 2k video?