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Reviving Resident Evil Part 2: RE-invention

In part two of Reviving Resident Evil, we talk to the developers behind Resident Evil 7 about reimagining the series, learning from indies, and building a new future.

Resident Evil 7 font by Peter Jonca.

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Glad to see Gamespot stepping up their game, this was an EXCELLENT series, well done!

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Watching this is hard, I used to live in Okinawa and travel to Osaka and Tokyo often. God I miss Japan!

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More of this Gamespot!

(Interesting to see the translations were provided by Capcom itself.)

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Capcom still doesn't get it.

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Why cant i see this videoes after the countdown its just become black and nothing happens

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Now I wanna go to Osaka!

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Well done Gamespot! This 2-part special was wicked, and is a testament to RE's greatness, longevity & place in videogame history. Bring on RE7, it WILL without a doubt remind everyone who owns survival horror, and when the stakes are highest for Capcom they gunna deliver when it matters most!

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@markey4eva: *Bring on RE7, it WILL without a doubt remind everyone who owns survival horror*

Yeah ..keep telling yourself with that over and over and pretend like it is

RE7 is FAR FAR from reminding me how i used to play Survival horror games on PS1 / PS2 , its even far from the core survival horror genre to begin with ( Fatal Frame , Parasite Eve , Silent Hill , Dino Crisis , etc ) , if you are not used to the thousands of shitty PC first person indie horror games and you consider this game "something new" to the survival horror genre , there's absolutely something wrong with you and with people who have high expectations for this for no reason whatsoever other than the unjustified blind hype that surround it , Hell .. i don't even consider you or anyone who accept this game to be a fan to the series if you are justifying this game to exist as a Resident Evil title , maybe if it was named " Clock Tower 4 " or named " Haunting Ground 2 " i would have accepted it , but as a Resident Evil title ? Hell NO! like i don't even know if you guys are even fans to the series anymore .. stay faaaar away from the core RE community if that's what you like , this game who claim to be "RE7" ( along with RE5-RE6 and the terrible recent spinoffs ) is mistake to the legacy of the series and Capcom should take consideration AGAIN on how to make a proper survival horror game like they used to instead of pulling another cheap VR first person indie horror crap game as if we are not fed up with them already right now .

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@MAXAM999: Please yo! I've played every RE since the 96 PS1 debut and you "don't consider me or anyone who accept this game to be a fan to the series" U obviously have no respect for evolution, and no respect for a series which has blazed a trail in the gaming industry with few missteps for 21yrs! This game is EXACTLY what the RE franchise needs, it will be hella scary and "survival horror" at it's absolute finest when released.

RE5 & RE6 are the #1 and #2 best selling RE games OF ALL TIME that's a fact! They were, and did exactly what they were supposed to do when the gaming industry went thru it's super hunger for action titles. If RE5 & RE6 were so terrible & irrelevant (which they weren't) nobody would've bought them...(which multiple millions of people did!!!)

U just wait until RE7 drops. U are the one who is no real FAN of the series bcuz it is U who has NO FAITH or understanding of what RE had to go thru to stay relevant. The journey it took to get here is amazing and very commendable. RE has influenced more than u can fathom. Survival horror alone isn't enough to carry a franchise for 21yrs, RE evolved & mixed everything else into the equation to keep going strong.

Here today, the RE franchise NEEDS a "survival horror heavy" entry...and RE7 will deliver that like NEVER before. On Jan 24th, u and ANY other person doubting the stroke of genius Capcom are about to bless us with are going to be taught a lesson, and ya'll will be as I mentioned before..."reminded."

P.S. - Parasite Eve was a stellar game, but no part of it is "survival horror" Dino Crisis was OK at best, and faded so fast it wasn't even funny. Silent Hill and Fatal Frame did their thing. But yo, where the hell are all 4 of those franchises today???...NOWHERE!!! That's bcuz they weren't able to keep up, they couldn't evolve along with the industry like RE did. Another Silent or Parasite Eve could surface someday, which I'd personally like...but as for Dino Crisis & Fatal Frame?!?! they're forever!

RE is still here!...Strong, Intriguing, Relevant, Evolving, Fun, and selling millions! RE is STILL king, and that's about it!

Pay VERY close attention on Jan 24th...u badly need to.

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I heard them saying "Biohazard" but its nowhere on the subtitles lol

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Good stuff. Hats off to the team and whoever gave this the green light. The Gamespot UK crew has been steppin' up their game! Hells yeah.

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Moar vids like this! Side Note: Nice excuse to take a trip to Osaka. Any game devs in Maui that need an expose? :)

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Great job again! Hope to see more videos like this one.

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Great videos! I've been a fan of Resident Evil since the beginning, except I never played 5 or 6. I totally agree with your take that the earlier games in the series were the best. That said, it is interesting to me that the last two games were the best sellers. Could it be that Capcom would actually be smarter to continue on in that vein? And that returning to the series' roots is actually catering to a more niche audience, and therefore will put the series in danger? Given the sales figures, I think that's a question worth considering.

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@cabassi6: Smarter? I dunno. I'd say that depends on how they choose to weigh financial success and critical success.

If I only valued financial success I'd probably study up on my B.F. Skinner and make an addictive little online mobile game with micro transactions, like Clan Wars or the like. Then I'd laugh maniacally, sit a purple chair, and stroke my white cat while I watch the money pour in. Good business decision? Yeah I guess, but the dry cleaning bills for my soul would be through the roof.

There's clearly a lot of passion in the industry, and as an industry outsider speaking strictly out of my ass I'd wager that most people who pour months or years of their lives into a project want you to thoroughly enjoy it, want critical recognition for their hard work, and want to be able to keep doing what they do. So sure, dolla' bills are always going to factor into the equation, but I'd have a hard time believing money is always THE driving force given some of remarkable works of art I've had the privilege of "playing" in all my gaming years.

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@cabassi6: There's definitely a huge risk of alienating people. The main impression about this game seems to be that it looks great, but is it Resident Evil?

However I don't think after RE6 they had that many places to go. There's that FPS that tried to step really in COD territory, but.... And Umbrella Corps.... And Rev2 that was more like a snack demo. From the ending of RE6 it looked like the next game would be like Ninja Gaiden or Assassin's Creed, Jake just being able to outrun and rip out the hearts of big monsters.

RE4 is pretty much in all top 10 games ever list so RE5 had epic momentum, and it was still pretty slow and featured a nice co-op, so RE6 had good momentum too, especially since it was the return of the zombies and the face-off of Leon and Chris. But RE6 was panned.

I liked RE6 a lot (no doubt in top 10 of last gen games just below RE5) but I think they lost their way. After RE6 it was no doubt a disaster after disaster, a teenager looking for himself like they said in the first video.

Spiderman 3 is still the best selling Spiderman movie. Is that because of how good the movie was, or just because Spiderman 1 was good and Spiderman 2 was great? And then there were the reboot disasters. Some people wished Raimi would come back but nope.

They could still definitely make a good zombie FPS, but with CoD, Battlefield, Gears, Titanfall etc. even the shooter genre is struggling to stay viable.

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Wow, awesome info in these 2 videos!!! Great job!!