Resident Evil 4 Episode 1 - Resident Kinevil

Leon Scott Kennedy is back and has more experience under his belt now. He's about to put it to use as he is sent into a strange place and is tasked with rescuing the President's daughter. This is Resident Kinevil Starting RE4.

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    Oh that poor, poor chicken. Wrong place, wrong time lol

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    I love how Mary is trying to get Mike to react with her sweet dance moves and he's just not having it. Comedy gold!

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    woot! love this game! ty!!!

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    Audio has been fixed, super sorry for the issues. Enjoy Resi 4 with us!

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    the same as youtube.... no audio XD

    did you make the episode without recording the audio?? XD

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    One job, you had one job.

    I blame Mike

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    Resident Evil 4 episode 1: The downfall of the franchise

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    no audio

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    So i guess this is an ad-lib episode where we make game sounds and speak for Mary and Mike...

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    No audio

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    Audio is not working!

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    This entry deserves some praise for getting rid of the fixed cameras. If I was still interested in playing any of Capcom's games, I would be glad that those fucking stupid game designs are not coming back after Resident Evil 4.

    (In hindsight thought, the bad cameras did come back in different forms: run towards the camera escape scenes for example, which 4 had too much of and Capcom learned all the wrong things from.)

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    @Gelugon_baat: Boo-hoo cant adapt to different gameplay mechanics. RE4 is trash and anything RE that came after that (with revelations 1-2 being OK at best) and theres a reason for that. Gameplay mechanics and uniqueness of past RE games is what made them so great. I for myself cant wait to play REmake 2 which will have the good old amazing atmosphere and gameplay while literally counting the days to RE7 cause that game HAS potential for being the greatest RE in a long time.

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    @gameroutlawzz: RE grognards are always so touchy about any kind of slight towards the old games. : p

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    @Mogan: Indeed.

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    @Gelugon_baat: The run towards the camera scenes are just quick time events in RE4; the camera angle doesn't actually effect anything there, just your button mashing. By today's standards RE4 might have too many QTEs, now that they've been done to death, but at the time it launched I remember it being kind of novel that you weren't safe to put the controller down, even during cutscenes.

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    @Mogan: The camera doesnt affect anything in either way. Holding the joystick up will always make you move forward no matter the angle and saying otherwise/bashing on such a thing makes you look like a total clueless casual. The cam angles only help the game being so much more mysterious, thrilling and atmospheric while also limiting us to actually use our head to move forward past some enemies instead of just going all-out gun blazing in the terrible 3rd person over-the-shoulder camera thats plaguing every single god damn games nowadays making everything feel/play the same and turning every fuckin ggames into streamlined POS.

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    @gameroutlawzz: I don't agree. I think the fixed camera angles and tank controls of the originals only serve as an artificial feeling way to create tension by crippling the player, rather than creating monsters that are actually dangerous. I can appreciate the mysterious and cinematic quality of the some of the shots in the original three RE games, but I always felt like those games needed more open levels and the player needed the ability to actually see and move more naturally in order to make the fight or flight decisions meaningful.

    I also never thought the RE games were particularly scary or atmospheric (with the possible exceptions of REmake and the first third of RE4), so the kind of weak gameplay of the original games left me feeling pretty ambivalent towards them. They were Alone in the Dark, but they'd replaced the Lovecraft with B Movie camp. Not terrible, just ... flawed.

    RE4 is still my favorite; I felt like the series finally kind of figured itself out there, and finally ditched the dated mechanics of fixed cameras and tank controls. RE5 kind of lost the plot though, and shackled the player to a terrible AI partner, so it was only fun in co-op. And RE6 ... was just a bad idea all the way around.

    RE7 looks promising though.

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    No audio.