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Relic Hunters Legend Is If Cartoon Network Made Destiny | PAX East 2020 Gameplay

Check out 9 minutes of gameplay of Relic Hunters Legend, a free-to-play twin stick shooter and with a cartoon art style and Destiny-like gameplay loop.

Relic Hunters Legend is the follow-up to the freeware game Relic Hunters Zero, and this sequel is going all-out on making a Destiny- and Warframe-like experience. At its core, Relic Hunters plays like a top-down twin-stick shooter with different abilities on cooldown to help you take down hordes of enemies, but the game incorporates the loop of earning better gear and some RPG progression. The demo we played here at PAX East showed off some of the story elements from the start of the game, but the video above showcases one of the combat-centric instances that can be played in multiplayer.

The flow of firing away at enemies, throwing magnetic grenades, and using the melee dash kept combat moving and it was necessary to get the hang of it because Relic Hunters can get challenging; the boss fight at the end of the video is an example of that. As you play through Relic Hunters Legend, you'll be picking up increasingly better weapons and armor and sifting through your gear in a character menu that draws inspiration from Destiny. Developer Rogue Snail also plans on treating Relic Hunters Legend as a service-type game with continual updates and post-release content.

Relic Hunters Legend is said to launch sometime this year for PC. If you want to check out more from the show, be sure to read our collection of games we've played at PAX East 2020.