Reclaiming Call of Duty Part 1: The New Infinity Ward

In the first part of a two-episode series, GameSpot Studios sits down with members of Infinity Ward to discuss the studio's reconstruction , what makes a Call of Duty game, and recruiting top-tier developers from around the world.

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@biggsdeli: I completely disagree.What Gamespot and mike is doing with this kind of reporting is shining a light on true,interesting stories within the gaming industry.Noclip is amazing and I fully support danny's work ,But I'm sure he'd agree that the likes of Gamespot and IGN doing more of this type of journalism is always a good thing.I'm going to watch and be a patron of Noclip,But I'll also support other people telling these kind of stories.There's a million stories out there and one person can't tell them all.Good work Gamespot!

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The narrator sounds too stiff as if he is doing a documentary on the violence in Darfur. Ghosts wasn't well received by the fans for sure, as for professional reviews, it was more of a middle ground.

I hope that your review for the game is fair despite being granted access to the IW studios. One can't help but feel that the review will be biased or something.

As for me, I'll be playing the game for the story and the Remastered online. I wasn't impressed with the beta since it felt bland compared to BO3.

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I was so close to putting in a preorder since i haven't bought a cod after ghosts but after watching this love letter to infinity ward and reassessing the situation of how they're screwing people by charging for 2 games at once I have concluded that both gamespot and infinity ward deserve the middle fingers. Battlefield 1 will be the only shooter for me this year.

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hahahaha are you serious Gamespot? Ghosts was NOT well received you liars....not even going to bother watching the rest of the video.

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well made video

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I'm only here for the re-master.

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so.....i guess we can't trust your review now

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There's no video there.

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@Reagan2791: works for me. Do you have ad blocker on?