Reality Check - Could GTA V train you to kill?

Cam investigates if gunfire heavy video games like GTA V could actually train you to shoot people in real life.

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Reality Check
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no game can make you a killer

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@Microsteve except hitman, battlefield, bioshock, borderlands, contra, killzone, bayoneta, and all those games where you happen to kill people. oh and fifa. im a bad loser when it comes to fúsbol.

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More realistic videogames such as ARMA definitely improve one's tactical decision making though.

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No offence to mature games but this is why teen oriented games are more accessible.

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if I wan't to kill people i'm not gonna play games to train, stop wasting our F*&^ING tax dollars on these dumb studies

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@grasshopper6 Anders Brevik used games to train, your argument is flawed

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@Microsteve @grasshopper6 pete mustaine uses trains to game, your flaw is argumented.

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@grasshopper6 I can already tell that I like you. Well stated grasshopper

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@Jakesta7 @grasshopper6 Well if you think about it: It is a bit illogical thinking "Hey, videogames teach people to kill!" Which...Well it's kind of bonkers if you think about it...Mainly because your arms aren't controlled with joysticks and such...Plus physics are a biznatch

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nhaa it can't train me to kill there's better video's to watch on the net on how to kill people

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Good feature. I'm glad to see four-digit comment counts.

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...Pointless "journalism"!

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When I was in the Navy I often used arcade shooting games to keep my accuracy up. Consoles never helped me any. I can see games like this teaching some basic tactical concepts like using cover. Ultimately though I find games are so unrealistic that they can teach more bad habits such as a false sense of invulnerability. Just like movies and TV shows I wouldn't rely on these mediums for my combat education. They teach techniques slightly wrong for a reason.

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makes me think of that robin williams movie toys

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Games train to kill as much as FIFA or PES train you in football. I can't deny, however, it develops an apparent lust for the kill.

However, when a person who is used to see violence only on videogames and movies is confronted with real life violence he becomes disoriented.

Another thing is: once I went to this videogame release here in Portugal. It was f1 200? franchise, I don't remember wich one. There was a portuguese pilot there at the presentation. The videogame editor was very thrilled, telling that playing the game was pratically piloting an F1 car. They had a cockpit and all, the pilot tested the game and after that the press interviewed him and asked: "Is it THAT real?" The pilot almost evaded the question, but he finally disagreed that the simulator was very far from driving experience. My point is, if videogames were toroughly realistic, their learning curves would be much more steeper ('cause there's a learning process involved) and even boring (reality is fortunately much more calm).

Firing a gun in a videogame is a great and fun way to chill out. Kepp off the streets and don't even try to outgun your local gangster :)

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@majalvega This reminds me of somewhat of a reversal of roles I saw a video of. Scott Ian of Anthrax played one of the releases of Guitar Hero (it had Madhouse as one of the songs and he attempted to play it, but failed miserably). He was terrible at the game and actually admitted that playing a real guitar was easier. The bottom line is this...if you train on videogame simulators, then you will be good at videogame simulators. You can't confuse them for a replacement for the real thing, even if some of the skills are transferrable because you have to consider everything that an activity entails and not just a few of the mechanics of that activity.

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@FarginIcehole easier after years of practice. Video games can help hand eye coordination, but I doubt I will ever see a racing simulator which makes me feel like I'm driving a car. Even vr devices don't simulate the forces involved, the smells, and tactile in/out. Games are for entertainment. Always a few will be stimulated in the wrong way, but I don't believe we should make laws for what a few might do when we already have laws to cover those actions (murder, manslaughter).

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Have to agree with Cam- I seriously doubt using a controller to control and fire a virtual gun would help you in using a real-life firearm (which have kinds of moving parts to consider and can be quite heavy too), as there's a lot more involved than lining up the crosshairs and firing.

But yes, GTA V coming out has just become another excuse for the tabloids to bring up the old videogames and violence thing. I really want to go out and knock some journalist skulls together.

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because in real life the whole world flashes black and white to let you know you killed someone...

Please R*, release a patch for people who hate the strobe flash kill indicator.

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Games don't train you to shoot....they may teach you tactics, but they don't teach you about the firing pin, the safety, how to load a clip, which ammunition goes in a gun....the concept that a game can actually influence someone to shoot other people is ridiculous and needs to end now. Does television teach you how to kidnap and rape? I expect this type of bullcrap from fox or cnn, but the video game community doesn't need to add fire to the flames.

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@TreFacTor I wouldn't say GS objectivity looking into this is adding fuel to the fire. In fact it makes GS look better because at least they're looking into the concerns of the populace. Sure these fears have no scientific ground to stand on but it's still a battle we have to fight.

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If they develop a game pad shaped Glock, it will be the end of the world as we know it.

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@V----V *game pad in the shape of a Glock not a Glock in the shape of a game pad!

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@shreddyz That, will be trully the end of the world....

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Damn if this is true then I would be a world class assassin by now. Awesome that people are wasting money to research this stupid shit.

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I have hunted all my life and I was in the military for six years. I have never used my mad fps skillz irl. EST 2000 though is a great training tool. Basically it is a real m-16 hooked up to an air compressor using lasers on projected targets.

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@mcrawf21 so... you hunt digitally?

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@ZombieGuyGeorge @mcrawf21 I've played many hunting games. First was probably Oregon Trail =). I also fill a deer tag every year and put in for most everything else with various success in real life.

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all i need now is a norfleet and a flock of psychos

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I reckon thanks to games like the TimeSplitters series, I've killed in excess of 1 000 000 people/robots/helicopters/monkeys, but in real life, I've only recently reached double figures. That's not very good correlation.

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Employ your rights to keep and bear GTA V dudes! Don't let bullshit like this spoil your game!

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aside from the reviews, this is the only show i watch on gamespot. good work! :)

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:D i has a gun

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What an utterly awesome episode. Just loved it! Especially with all the gun debates happening in America.

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@vikram_basu123 "guns don't kill people" ... what they re just for show, right?... like, frying pans do not fry... well yeah, people kill people, but guns are made FOR killing. well maybe i can fry an egg with a hot ammo clip....

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@ZombieGuyGeorge Guns do kill people, so do knives, hammers, drills, blades and hundreds of other items I can buy from a weapons store, tool store, hardware shop whatever. But end of the day its a sick person who does it and blaming a game for it is just pathetic.

Oh and I can kill you with a frying pan very well indeed, its called bashing your head in with a frying pan but I won't, even though I have played everyone of these so-called violence inducing games since 1998. That's because I have a working sense of morality which a crazy shooter doesn't have.

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@vikram_basu123 Then again morality is practically gone since the 60's....

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Your show is the most classier and intelligent in gamespot, dude.

Keep up the good work!

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@meatz666 Yeah, I think Cam has brought some of the more interesting gaming shows to the website.

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GTA V can't train a sane person to kill if you were raised right there's no need to worry (after hearing all those jail stories stop most people from committing violent acts). But to me GTA games have always been something to if any "release stress" by doing things that you can do in a fictional/virtual world compared to real life. Overall life's crazy people

1. Jeffery Dahmer

2. Ted Bundy

3. John Wayne Gracy

just to name a few known people were raised and treated bad as kids.

compared to known people that had good child hoods that are who associated and plays GTA games as well as award winning actors

1. Samuel L. Jackson

2. Burt Reynolds

3. James Woods

overall fuel for those against this series and want it cancelled as well as something people with medical conditions to blame for there actions

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@lilflex1 Culture (American, civilized and so on) is 100% learned, so it has been proven that when removed, humans behave just as primal animals.

It doesnt take any "sane" or "insanity" to be capable of killing, look at war, cops gone wild, political decisions.

So your ideas about stress relief and sanity are all in your head. Try behavioral and social science.

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@lilflex1 James Woods is a known alcoholic. Very spokesman of AA. Just to add my 2 cents.

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Shame on you for putting this crap om Gamespot! Every time rockstar releases a GTA they have to deal with people acusing them of mass shootings and crying babies. I thought Gamespot was trying to move gamers and gaming forward, and become a platform for educating people about the limitations of influence a game has, not jumping on the "games make people kill" bandwagon!

I didn't watch the video so I don't know what angle you're taking in it, but the headline alone is damaging to the gaming community. If there was a little less important stuff happening in the world right now, FOX news could take this headline and spin it.... then where would you be? I'm tired of defending my hobby!

Comon guys think.

And also, no. No game to date can train anyone to kill, not even Manhunter. The army, the police and growing up destitute and surrounded by crime, abuse and neglect. That's how people learn to kill. All of whom represent a very small portion of the population (in first world countries where people can pay hundreds of dollars for games and consoles). In the same way GTA doesn't teach you to drive, it doesn't teach you to shoot, swim, fly, skydive, navigate the ocean in a submersible, ****, flirt, eat, play tennis, play golf, or fight with your bitch wife whose making whooppee with the yoga instructor.

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@Tintonlong I wouldn't say GS objectivity looking into this is adding fuel to the fire. In fact it makes GS look better because at least they're looking into the concerns of the populace. Sure these fears have no scientific ground to stand on but it's still a battle we have to fight.

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you would be a complete idiot with a piss poor understand of combat, weapons or hand to hand combat training to think a video game could make you a master on any level. I have fired a few guns one being a m16 A2. None of the weapons I fired feels the same on any level as a game.

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Cam, you rock.

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How in the hell is it that in a freaking internet video GTA 5 looks less aliased than the ps3 or xbox version on a TV? I'm in full screen too, that's pretty rediculous.

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@lingo56 Probably because of compression. All of our video's are compressed to something close to h.264 to reduce file size. This has a number of effects on image quality and certainly decreases sharpness which will in turn reduces the appearance of aliasing. At home i drop the sharpness seting on my TV down a fair bit to help reduce the edges a little, though you do of course increase the general blurriness.

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@cameronrobinson @lingo56 Ah ok, I was wondering why console games always looked fine online and not on my TV itself.

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@cameronrobinson @lingo56 Also the bit rate on these videos cant be very high due to the size constraint, that also reduces over all quality.