Random Encounter - Superman 64

Danny is joined by Jon Carnage from Twitch.tv and Jamie King from Wargaming as they test their might in Superman for Nintendo 64... and drink some mouthwash.

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Random Encounter
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Worst episode ever. Both for the game and for the guests. Danny was awesome, as ever!

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I agree. They should have muzzled the chubby idiot on the far left

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This was painful to watch. How do you f*** up Superman?

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I think I refuse to drink something that looks like it should stand next to toothpaste in the bathroom.

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Couldn't make it past 3 minutes. Americans were too annoying.

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@naryanrobinson if by annoying you mean funnier than danny. sorry dan

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"I'm very happy to be joined by two wonderful people..."

"One wonderful person, I'm still trying to find the wonderful part of me."

... hilarious.

"Do you want to hop into it right now?"

"I want to hop into everything"

... ehh what?.

"Tidus. What a great company. They came out with Superman 64 and... and..."

... is he high?

They're cringeworthy; embarrassingly bad. By 1:20 Danny has to look down and start laughing at just how stupid the things they're saying are.

Someone's living in denial.

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holy crap! I'm not sure i understood what happend : D Amazing episode!

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What a disaster of a game!

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No offence but if there was a tyme to laugh it is now. More game suggestions are: Breath of Fire III [1997] and DOTA [????]

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Bacon and Mouthwash!? Talk about a random encounter haha... i think the guy was intoxicated, don't know about the girl either, if not she did a great job of going along with it!

This was really bizarre, but still funny.

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lol, you would have to be drunk to enjoy this game.

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wat the **** was that guy consuming + where can i find it?

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Jon "Carnage"

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What the **** just happened

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Was the guy in the purple shirt legitimately drunk? Or sleep-deprived? And mouthwash and bacon? What?? What is happening here? I cannot believe he ripped off his shirt, this video just suddenly started to feel like it entered the twilight zone. Are you okay Danny?

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@macca366 It does explain all the troubles with twitch lately ^^;

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okay im really curious what was that purple stuff?

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That guy was so drunk.

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What do you think Johns favourite memory of this show will be? Eating the bacon? Drinking the mouthwash? Ripping his shirt off? HA! Trick question, John ain't going to remember ANY of this.

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I've played that game and it was absolutely just ridiculous. I mean no one could ever complete this game it was a total waste of time!

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I am guessing that was not mouthwash...