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Danny kills pain the only way he knows how: circle strafing with a stake gun. (Game suggested by viewer Geon106)

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Random Encounter
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I loved Painkiller because of the cool weapons ideas it had (I bet Danny doesn't know he can mix the two attacks of the melee weapon by holding main attack and throwing the blade with secondary) and also the great map design. Every area was unique and frantically fun!

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@ @dannyodwyer Danny! I have one for you: Freedom Fighters!

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@Dark_December Freedom Fighters was so good back when

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@Dark_December I second that! Can't believe IO dropped freedom fighters 2 to develop Kane and Lynch. C'mon, really? That game instead of a freedom fighters sequel?

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@twentymooseman @Dark_December Aww man, don't get me started! I have fond memories of playing that game, it would truly be epic for them to make a sequel with slick graphics!

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@Dark_December @twentymooseman Yes, it would. One of my favorite games of all times, incredible design from IO.

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I named my rival in Pokemon after a word I learned watching Random Encounter.

"Rival Pleb wants to fight!"

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"So this game doesn't really have realistic physics, but what it does have is a LOT OF physics."

I approve.

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man I played the new one the other day and it was terrible.

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@dannyodwyer please please consider playing freedom fighters for the PC. you know.....randomly. hyuk hyuk.

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there can be only one

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miss this game : /. Great show, by the way

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" place my nipples in your mouth" talking dirty haha

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She's naked 'cus that's Eve. You know, wife of Adam =P

The first people didn't wear clothes.

Anywho, a lot of the mythos in this seems to partially based on maybe Catholicism or something.

All I know is, I will never forget how terrible this game was at release. The game was broken; it wouldn't run (would crash afte rthe opening video). I remember having to wait a week or something to get it working. I even bought the game twice, thinking the first one was damaged haha

Loved the game once it was working, though.

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But boss, why is she naked?

Because video games, shut up!!

Best line ever...

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I am so sick ant tired of this apocalypse ad.

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woo! painkiller!

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Classic shooter , one of my favorites definitely. I remember my computer was not good enough to run this and I had to go to my friends to play this.

Good job Danny.

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Danny, bro, play MDK, Mission Deliver Kindness or was it Murder Death Kill?

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WTF who plays without V-Sync? You lot must love looking at screen tear... I fucking hate it!

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PS. What is second end u should know if ever played PK

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Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style on the PS 1, some of the funniest finishing moves and awesome 4 player brawling action
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I still have Painkiller and time from time i play because it simplicity. From dannys reactions i understand he newer played Painkiller he has just read something . Please play for my Bioshock or Bioshock2 becous bioshock is firs my favorite game PK is in second playce :)

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Play Terarria or GTA IV. There was a sweet game called normality as well which I loved....maybe a bit of Abel odyssey/exodus too?

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As much as I enjoyed dabbling with this game back in the day, I always found it *incredibly* difficult to play due to the motion sickness it induced, and the video brings it all back [up] again. :|

They should have christened it Kinetosis.

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shogo MAD

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heres a goodie for you, medevil for ps1. the sequal was good too

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I remember the awesome "Hitman: Codename 47" cloth physics -- walking through drapes, curtains and stuff. Never did play PainKiller though.

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The boss fights are frickin' amazing; here are some new game suggestions: Wild Arms 3 [2002] and Kingdom Hearts [2002].

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Dont forget that there are a whole bunch of puzzles with that Blade/Sticky Puller thing

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epic old-school shooter... gorgeous environments... demented enemies... creative weaponry... too bad the expansion sucked ballz

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@Danny Absolutely love the show man. Would be great if you did one of the old Resident Evil titles, my favorite was always Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

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LOL! You should do Samarost 2 or Windowsill next

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So this is Sanitarium: The FPS?

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Honestly, for a long time I only watched reviews here on gamespot and never cared about the "side" programs. But you and Johnny - Feedbackula is awesome - are insanely funny, and your shows are some of my favourite on the web. So i guess UK ftw? :) (and no, i'm not from the uk)

P.s What about monkey island for next episode?

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I loved this games when i was playing it. Could u play Metal Gear Rising,

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Ahhh... Painkiller. Sweet memories :)

Love your show, Danny.

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I love painkiller.

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just like Battlefield 3 singleplayer all shooting minimal story :)

and before anyone kicks off i like BattleField and COD but for different reasons

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Ahhhhhh I remember this :(

Played it in 2004!!!

Loved this. It was probably one of my first pc games.

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Danny. Grim Fandango. Do it!

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Ive never been a fan of these types of games

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hehe painkiller, i had so many good times with this game back when i was just a kid =)

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Ahh Painkiller .........where have those days gone ?

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"Players are cast as Daniel Garner, a regular guy who gets killed in a horrific car crash while taking his wife out for her birthday."

If you pay really close attention at the opening sequences it looks like he slams his car right into an Ice Cream truck!

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3pm or 4pm GMT yo?