Random Encounter - Kingpin: Life of Crime

Expect lots of violence, cursing and Cypress Hill as Danny and Johnny revisit 1999's Kingpin: Life of Crime.

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There's also Outwars (1998) and G-Police (1997) and Little Big Adventure 1 or 2

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@AudioSoldier Lovin' your suggestions, Outwars FTW!

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This game seems pretty great; I game I suggest next is: Pac-Man World 3 [2005].

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How about Blade Runner (1997) next..

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@AudioSoldier Oh yes please !! One of my favourite games ever, incredible atmosphere coupled with a great story line and decent poin & click adventure mechanics.

A great classic that every sci-fi adventure fan should try.

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Skidrow? You guys actually pirated this game lol?

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@djkritikal Dude, its like a location in the game

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@ksdlass @dannyodwyer

haha my bad, haven't played that game in ages, forgot there was a location called Skid row

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@djkritikal @ksdlass @dannyodwyer go live in south central for a while and you won't forget

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@ksdlass @djkritikal haha - yea no affiliation. This is a legit Steam version.

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this game together with Half Life and Max Payne were pure gold back in the days :D

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That game was awesome, that was one of the first fpses with rpg elements with mildly open world and quests and shops. It way ahead of it's time in terms of gameplay. You could even upgrade weapons there and it had stealth elements so fearsomely neglected in that playthrough.

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remember playing this at friends lol top

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I remember getting a demo of this on the front of a PC Zone or a PC Gamer, way back when!

I played the crap out of it.

Great new show, gents!

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I remember renting this game and burning it. It was such a crappy game. What's all the commotion? I remember the player saying that non stop. It was some gangster ghetto crap shooter. It was fun but I was never really in these kind of pc game. It's like a ghetto half life

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I love these Random Encounter videos and I' ve only watched two. Great job you guys!

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that was jokes :) this a daily thing?

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Holy Shit Kingpin, oh that brings back a lot of good memories, I bought this game back at 2000, ya good times, nice work guys, ya it's been 13 years real good times, I was 10 when I played this game, damn it was hard too as well :D

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I'm glad you guys are doing these high light videos, this one was too funny!

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@LightEffect Yea livestreams aren't for everyone - and they don't take too long to edit.

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@dannyodwyer I like it mostly since I can't catch the live streams. I like chatting with you guys.

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Awesome! I remember this crazy ass game!

It's my first Random Encounter video and you've got yourselves a new fan.

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I don´t rememeber the graphics to be so bad. You two should check the video settings before starting the game.

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@miser_cz Good spot - we had to run it slightly lower than average resolution to get it to feed into the stream. Old games can be really touchy over stuff like that.

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@dannyodwyer @miser_cz It wasn´t image resolution what set me off, but rather texture resolution.

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@dannyodwyer @miser_cz IDK, check level of the detail here: http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/13763-kingpin-life-of-crime-windows-screenshot-rooftop-gang-wars.jpg

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@miser_cz Hmmm. Everything else was cranked up actually. Perhaps rose tinted glasses?

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I remember I would have to turn the volume way down when playing this because I was 13 and didn't want to get the game taken away.

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I own Kingpin via GOG. Love it.

The gameplay is pretty good and the dialog is funny as Hell. Everybody in this game comes off like a 1990s 'gangsta rap' cliche'. Laughed my ass off at some of it.

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Ha, now i remember - this is what i come here for....

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good shooter, better than 99% of today's corridor shooters

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Always fun to watch that kind of thing in Youtube ... why not on GS Motherf*cker !

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Remember this game, was pretty good I thought! Good show too by the way.

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Interesting show, looking forward to more.

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Back off mother-f*cker lmao

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Start of an awesome show :D Thank you Gamespot.

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@i-blast-brain dont do that crap here