Random Encounter - Kingpin: Life of Crime

Expect lots of violence, cursing and Cypress Hill as Danny and Johnny revisit 1999's Kingpin: Life of Crime.

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Random Encounter
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Is this instead of Feedbacula? I want more feedbackula.

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@lampboy Nah dude, Feedbacula is back next week. Here's a trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9LqDSqQ4rg REJOICE!

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@dannyodwyer @lampboy Sweet, Cheers fella

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my new favorite video feature !!! MORE !!!

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you guys really have to look up the game, the you testament

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My new favorite Video team :-D - Great Video

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@Logixyz mine too , they are the best !!!

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Shit!!! danny is epic :)

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Kingpin was a fun in a sterotypical New Yorker kind of way.

Should play Soldier of Fortune for some messing gibbing stadistic kicks ;)

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do arcanum of steamworks and magic

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Love the new show Danny. Great work!

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Bring out a new Kingpin game, Treyarch! Much rather play a reboot or sequel of this than another COD game. Please!!

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Brilliant! Like the format for the new show. (A different game everyday is quite intense!) How about playing Psychonauts?

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Loved this game! Played the hell out of it.

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10:21 loving the moves guys.

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This was the 1st PC game I got, think I got it in 2003, I still have it!! Never looked back!

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Seems like GameSpot is playing the "Random PC Game" shtick from Giant Bomb.

Kingping is an excellent game though. Bought it new in 99. Love it!

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checkmate foo

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THIS GAME IS TOP. I remember just going up to people and slagging them off with the swear button then busting out the flame thrower (which BTW is one of the best representations of a flame thrower in any game and rah over powered).

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I remember seeing this game in a mag way back before it was released. I got the demo from the cd but I couldn't even run it because my video card didn't support pixel shaders :'( it was pathetic excuse for a personal computer.
You guys should try the underrated fps ... Shogo: Mobile armor division!

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You had me at Skull & Bones-era Cypress Hill.

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i remember this game. i had 3dfx voodoo 3 graphics card at the time and it was struggling with this big time. but i didnt like the game. this reminds me of a game i did like - Drakan - order of the flame.

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@gutworm YES! You are the first person I have ever seen mention that game online. I was addicted to the demo. Gonna try hunt a copy down for a future episode. Outstanding suggestion, thanks man!

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@dannyodwyer @gutworm Just found my Drakan* demo CD! And yes, I do have a collection of demo CDs laying around, ahaha

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@dannyodwyer @gutworm You might want to try Drakan: The Ancients' Gate on PS2, which is a worthy sequel and easier to find.

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@dannyodwyer @gutworm

That was a damn good demo... never did track down a copy myself, though it has been on my Amazon wishlist forever!

Would love to see an episode on that game.

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@Psycold @dannyodwyer @Draxxus_basic No, but will look both of them up cheers!

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@dannyodwyer @Draxxus_basic Oh and "Uprising" the vehicle combat/RTS game

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@dannyodwyer @Draxxus_basic Danny, did you ever play Quarantine? The driving/combat PC game? I only ever played the demo for that one.

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@dannyodwyer @Draxxus_basic i got 60% through half life before realising that uplink wasn't in it. pretty sure i still have a collection of demo discs with stuff like the soldier of fortune demo, project igi, quake 2, draken and sin.

kind of want to take work off today to find them all

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@Draxxus_basic The more people I talk to about that era, the more I feel like loads of us have played demos of games we never bought. Remember the Soldier of Fortune demo. Or Half-Life Uplink? That demo wasn't even in the full game. Tell you what, we're never going to run out of ideas for this show :D

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Oh man, I played this game for the first time a few months ago and what a fun little underrated shooter. Great level design, gritty dystopian atmosphere, lots of guns and a high difficulty level. I can see how the violence and shocking language neutered its appeal to the masses back in the day but now that the kerfluffle shuffle has worn off it's one more diamond in the rough. I liked how the first few levels were a complex survival-horror RPG type game with lots of backtracking, escorting and stealth but after a little while it turns into just another straight shooter for the rest of the game. Good times.

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Hey. As always, fantastic stuff Danny.

Any chance you could do an episode of either System Shock 2, the best game ever, or Zork: Grand Inquisitor, the best bad game ever?!?!

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@Markosul I also agree on System Shock 2. Would love to see an episode on that.

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@Aspire85 @Markosul Great idea. Noted!

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@Metallicwolf29 it's history. show some respect you little trick

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Can you guys please do a power stone encounter? Havent seen that game in AGES, loved it though.

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Cool vid.

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That was pretty great, Danny :P I hope this keeps up. I had a game in mind during the last episode but I will comment when I remember it.

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That was hilarious :)

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Please do Outcast (1999) perfect for this show :)

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@tmrtyn Great call, we absolutely will.

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@dannyodwyer @tmrtyn Cheers Danny, you da man!

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@dannyodwyer Aww man, sorry I won't shut up but seriously, this one is totally worth it......Ecstatica II (1996) one of the most unique and timeless games no one ever remembers.

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Hah, really funny episode guys. I used to love Kingpin

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Guys, a song with no text and only instruments is called an instrumental not 'a capella'. That's the exact opposite: only singing without instruments.

Try 'Realms of the Haunting' next.